The Lindall Times

April edition, 37th year of His Majesty's reign, 502 C.R.

Baron Clavious Dardanos, Lady Druca Dardanos Die of the Plague!

    Baron Clavious Dardanos died Monday, April 9, 502 of the plague. He is survived by his daughter Lanthlidis. Baron Clavious was born in Theronis, Dardanos, in the year 447, the son of Baron Dallender Dardanos and Lady Bellona Onlares. He married the Lady Druca, the dwarven daughter of a Knight from Atharos in September 472, and together they had a child, Lanthlidis Saxmund Dardanos, in 477. In 485, Baron Dallender Dardanos suffered his final death in battle when the city of Delios fell to Kurzinnor, and passed the barony on to his son Clavious.
    During his reign, Baron Clavious continued the Dardanian tradition of greatness, fostering the large production of foodstuffs for the war effort in the Southern Duchies, as well as making Dardanos well known as a place of healing for the many wounded and crippled soldiers of the war with Kurzinnor. Baron Clavious was a soft-spoken man of the people, leading the forum and addressing the needs of the citizens rapidly and with diligence. Rather than hiding in his keep, behind his noble title during the plague years, the good Baron walked among the plague victims, doing everything he could to aid the victims and their families in their time of need. Sadly, his continued contact with his people may well have been the cause of his contracting the Plague.
    In 501 Baron Clavious moved the capital of Dardanos from the plague-ravaged city of Theronis to Lindall. Unfortunately, later that year he contracted the Plague, which in his case proved to be a slow acting form of the Plague. The Baron suffered over the next eight months until his death in April. Baron Clavious was well loved by the people of Dardanos, and he will be sorely missed.

Household Plunged Into Civil War?!

    The people of Dardanos are mourning the tremendous losses of the beloved Baron Clavious Dardanos and his wife Lady Druca Dardanos this month. Both of the senior members of House Dardanos passed away after long battles with the Plague. The Lady Lanthlidis was at her father’s side upon his passing.
    On the eve of the twelfth day of the month, Lady Lanthlidis gathered the citizens of Lindall, along with many travelers to the area from the Flux, into the Three Brothers Tavern to announce that at her father’s request she was to become the Matriarch of house Dardanos and by tradition assume the title of Baroness. The new Baroness set about the task of reconfirming the knights of her Household, to accept all those who had served her father. Among these first duties, the Baroness accepted oaths from the Squire Jaden and declared him to be a Knight of the Barony. The new Knight had been the last Squire to be taken on by the late Baron. Also confirmed as members of the Baroness’ court were Dame Lydia Menathenia, Seneschal Ellsworth De Marco, and Lady Magistrate Serewin.
    Throughout the following day the new Baroness and her court set about the task of addressing several local concerns, including attacks from a Goblinoid tribe that had been raiding baronial food stores (see related article). Despite the recent tragedy to her family and the Barony, Baroness Lanthlidis set about conducting her noble duties with great care, even holding the Baronial Forum less than a week from the death of her parents.
    As the Baroness conducted Forum, addressing several of the concerns of the population ranging from the Plague to Kurzinnor, three soldiers from the Royal Army approached and hailed the presence of Baron Dardanos! Though somewhat confused, the citizens present bowed respectfully as the man approached and began to address the crowd as though he were Baron!
   The man in question was Sir Andarias Dardanos, the nephew of Baron Clavious and one of the commanders of the Stephanos military. Sir Andarias has served House Dardanos for years in the capacity of warlord, being placed in control of the Household’s military responsibilities by his late uncle. It seems that the Knight was under the impression that upon the death of Baron Clavious he was to be named Baron on account of his years of service and grooming for a position of leadership that he received.
    Baroness Lanthlidis addressed her cousin and pointed out that in fact she was named Baroness by her father. She then welcomed Sir Andarias onto her court. The Knight and Legatus was shocked by this information and began to argue publicly with the Baroness, calling into question her ability to rule Dardanos. Sir Andarias attacked the Bareness’ age and race as reasons why she was not fit for the position of Baroness, at one point telling her that this was not a game, but a serious matter of nobility.
    The argument became more heated as the assembled citizens sat and watched in silence. Finally, the Knight declared that he was in fact the rightful ruler of Dardanos and would return the following day to be handed over his title. He departed with a final warning to the Baroness. Sir Jaden attempted to reason with the Knight, since the two are good friends, as he stormed away from the scene.
    As promised, Sir Andarias returned the following morning in full armor and with a small unit of his troops. He addressed the Baroness in front of the assembled citizens and once again demanded that she relinquish all claim to the title of Baroness of Dardanos and to recognize him as Baron. When she refused the Knight became enraged and declared war upon her and warned all that would stand with her that they would be traitors in his eyes. Once again he stormed from the scene without further incident.
    Upon his departure, the Baroness stood silently among the citizens of Lindall for only a brief moment before addressing the assembled people. She told them that she would not order any of them into placing their lives in danger, but was clear that she would defend her lands from any action Sir Andarias would take against the people of Dardanos. At that moment the majority of those assembled bowed before her and swore their loyalty to the young Baroness. Even several visitors to the lands pledged their support.
    It is reported that many citizens in the southern parts of Dardanos have taken to following Sir Andarias and supporting him as the choice for Baron. Although at this point there have been no reported conflicts between forces loyal to Baroness Dardanos and those to Sir Andarias, tensions are high among the citizens of the Barony.
    Many are intensely awaiting word from Duke Stephanos’ Household to mediate this conflict.

Royal Advisors Predict Caldaria is Facing Starvation!

    For the past few years as the Plague has ravaged the population of Caldaria, all of the citizens have felt the great sense of loss of loved ones, friends, and family. Now a new threat to the lives of the population has been anticipated by the Royal Household, a threat of starvation. Local farms have been unable to fully plant and harvest their fields for the past several years, and now that the decline in population appears to be slowing, the food shortages are growing.
    Often called the "breadbasket" of Caldaria, the kingdom has turned to the Duchy of Stephanos for a successful harvest this year to stave off the threat of starvation this winter. Duke Rogal Stephanos has sent orders to all of his Baronial Households to make food production their primary focus this next year. For the citizens of Dardanos this heralds a return to a normal way of life. However, over the past month several threats to a successful planting season appeared throughout the Barony.
    Word began to reach Lindall on the eve of Baroness Lanthlidis’ assumption of her title that several shipments of grains and seeds into the barony had come under attack by a tribe of goblins known as the Shag Roar, apparently named after their leader. Just before the Baronial Forum on the twelfth a large force of goblins attacked the town of Lindall. Although they were greatly outnumbered, the citizens of Lindall easily repelled the attacks. Members of the Azure Fog were even able to chase down and dispatch the Hobgoblin necromancer who seemed to be leading the attacks.
    The victory celebration was short-lived however. Upon their return from performing duties outside of Lindall, Knights Lydia and Jaden informed the Baroness that while the town was fighting the goblins, a second force had skirted the town and sacked the baronial grain stores, slaying the guards and running off with most of the stores. Not to be disheartened, the Baroness set about to bolster caravan defenses and to locate the base of operations for the goblin tribe.
    Later that evening the adventuring group known as the Azure Fog rescued several hostages from goblins attempting to ransom off the captured farmers for food. The farmers had overheard the goblins talking about the plans for an assault on Lindall later in the evening. With the forewarning, the warriors of the town were able to easily defeat the hordes of goblins as they assaulted the town as planned. Although the weather, darkness, and numbers were all at odds against the citizens, they soundly defeated the goblin attack with superior tactics and skill.
    On Sunday morning the Baroness’ efforts to reinforce the caravan guards paid off, as one was not only able to successfully repel an attack by the Shag Roar, but the guards were able to track the retreating Hobgoblins to their lair as well! Under the leadership of Baroness Lanthlidis, the citizens of Lindall assaulted the goblin caves in a fierce battle. Despite the overwhelming numbers of Goblinoids defending the cave, some even throwing Death spells (!) the people of Lindall were able to soundly defeat the entire goblin force with no losses. Inside of the cave complex the heroes were able to recover much of the lost grain from the baronial food stores and the attacked caravans.
    House Dardanos has set about the task of distributing the necessary supplies to area farmers in order to have a successful planting season. Baroness Lanthlidis has worked on a program to unite several families into farming one area, so as to increase the yield of producing farms. Many of the local adventurers have also lent their time, skills, and strength to aiding in the farming efforts.

A Letter From Baroness Dardanos:

Good people of Caldaria, and guests to this fair land,     In past weeks much has changed in the lands of the Barony of Dardanos. First and most importantly, my father, Baron Clavious Dardanos, has died from the plague. It was his last wish that I should succeed him to become the protector of the lands of the Barony of Dardanos, and I plan to honor his wishes.
    There are many important issues currently facing the Barony. I will attempt to address them all in time.
    Let it be known throughout the Kingdom that my cousin Andarias has made the dire decision to commit Treason and declare war against the Barony of Dardanos. I am most saddened by his decision; his shortsightedness robs the Kingdom of Caldaria of one of its finest commanders. Apparently he views his need for power and title to be more important than the lives and health of the people of this Kingdom, and has turned against us all. I assure you that Duke Rogal of the Household Stephanos and His Majesty King Gaius Phedron have been informed of the situation and I await their guidance. I wish to take the time to explain what has transpired. Andarias, upon hearing of my father's death, came to Lindall to assume what he believed to be his rightful place as Baron of Dardanos. I informed him that my father, the former Baron of Dardanos, wished for me to take his place, and Andarias became angry. He made some rather unsavory statements about my age and race, being that I am young and my mother was a Dwarf. He threatened me, saying that he would return with a larger force, and departed.
    I thought long and hard throughout the evening and the following morning about what would be the best thing to do for the Barony. I wish not to put the people of Dardanos into unnecessary danger, yet at the same time I will not disobey my father and liege lord. After speaking at length with some of the townspeople as well as with my Knights and Seneschal, I decided that the best thing to do was to invite Andarias to pursue the proper channels to challenge my appointment, and the decision made by Duke Stephanos and King Phedron would be final. I would offer Andarias the opportunity to advise me in the time it would take to receive this decision, working together to protect and strengthen the Barony. If it were decided that Andarias was to be Baron, I would immediately step down and allow him to assume his rightful place.
    The following day Andarias returned, dressed for battle. I attempted to share with him my solution but he would to hear none of it. Becoming harsh and irrational, he pointed his finger at me and declared war upon me, and war upon any people who would stand behind me. I informed him that his act was that of treason, but he seemed not to care. After threatening the survival of the Barony and therefore the Kingdom with his arrogance, he turned on his heel and left.
    Andarias, up until this point, was a Knight of the Barony of Dardanos. I now publicly announce that I remove Andarias of his title of Knight, as his actions have violated the Arkelian Code of Honor that all nobility of Caldaria live by. His dangerous intent and treasonous actions are an embarrassment to the Barony of Dardanos, as well as the family name, which he carries.
    I would urge that any and all who served under Andarias in the Royal Army to find the local military units in your area and report to the commanding officer in residence - now is not the time that the Kingdom can lose your might, bravery, and service. Any who would follow the Traitor Andarias will become traitors to the Kingdom. I wish that upon none of you, the people that Andarias intends to wage war upon are your own countrymen, your own neighbors, your own families, and the very people that you have fought so long and hard to protect. I urge you to think of the values that have brought you thus far, to go against them would be as if you were joining the armies of the Kurzinnor to overthrow your own home.
    To the people of Dardanos, I wish you to know the situation of which Andarias has selfishly thrust you. He stated that those who stand with me would become his enemy. I will not force anyone to put their lives in danger due to his treason. He stated to me that he wished to be Baron in order to help the people of Dardanos, to keep them safe, and I can only hope that his sense of morals remains intact as he wages this pointless war. If you decide to leave the Barony and move elsewhere within the Kingdom, I will not stop you. I cannot ask you to risk your lives and the lives of your families at the hands of a madman.
    I ask all citizens of Dardanos to consider the state of the Kingdom and our place within it - Dardanos is part of the agricultural center of the Kingdom. If we do not continue to produce food and fortify the other Duchies within these lands, we may all surely perish. That Andarias would threaten the survival of the Kingdom in this way sickens me, and I implore those who are unafraid of his ravings to stay within these lands and help to fortify our stores, increase our numbers, and overcome the obstacles put in our way by the Kurzinnor, the plague, and now the Traitor Andarias. With this new threat within our borders, I cannot promise you that you will not come to harm. I do, however, pledge my life to protecting the people of this Barony and assuring our victory over all that threatens us. I will do everything in my power to prevent danger from crossing our borders, and we will defeat our enemies or die in the attempt.
    We fight together, or not at all. Solidarity is our greatest weapon.
    If the Traitor Andarias attacks any citizen of the Barony of Dardanos, he is to be apprehended and brought to Lindall for sentencing. Any attack upon the people of Dardanos is an attack upon the Kingdom. If any misguided countrymen fight by his side, they are to be apprehended as well. Neither he nor his compatriots are to be killed under any circumstances, and they are not to be attacked unless in self-defense. If he is sighted, inform your local Magistrate or any member of the Dardanos Household so that he may be captured. I do not want any people of Dardanos putting themselves into unnecessary peril.
    And to Andarias, I say this to you. I do not know what has happened to you, you are nothing like the dear cousin I once knew and the man my father admired. I believe that you have been brainwashed, or by some effect of the plague you are delusional. I wish to help you. Please reconsider your words of madness, and return to the capital so that you may be cured. The people of this Barony I consider my family, as you should consider them. Why would you want to harm your family? Reconsider your words, temper your hatred, and return to the family. I will not fight you, Andarias; you are my flesh and blood.
    Long live King Gaius, long live Duke Rogal, and long live Caldaria!

Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos

The Plague Report

    The Plague continues to ravage the kingdom, and while some scholars claim that the effects are subsiding throughout Caldaria, many attribute this to the fact that there are far fewer citizens left to succumb to its effects. Still, the dreaded disease continues to strike at the hearts of the good people of Caldaria, with no apparent end in sight to the suffering.
    The most devastating loss suffered to the people of Dardanos this past month is of course that of the beloved Baron Clavious Dardanos and his wife Lady Druca, both of whom died in the early weeks of the month despite the careful attention the Baron received from Master of Light Sun-Wu Lao and Guardian Li Kenji of the Lindall Order of Light. The resulting rift within House Dardanos has most of the population of the Barony very worried (see related article).
    House Dardanos has suffered from the additional loss of the Baronial Magistrate, Lady Serewin as well. A few commoners noticed the silent passing of the Lady Magistrate during the first Forum to be conducted by Baroness Lanthlidis. Many of the assembled citizens watched in quiet shock as Seneschal DeMarco removed her body from the area without comment. In addition, Dame Lydia Menathenia also reportedly suffered a death on the eve of the twelfth day of this month as a result of the plague. Thankfully the Knight was able to successfully resurrect.
    Among the other known deaths this month it has been reported that local merchant house Noragon has suffered tremendous losses in their immediate family and their local emporium has been closed indefinitely. Local war hero Vintenar Major Thaddius Bradford has also been laid to rest this past month; he is survived by his three adult children.
    There have been many newcomers to Lindall, no doubt answering to the call for adventurers sent out by the late Baron, that have also suffered from various effects from the Plague. The aspiring human mage Nub was seen around Lindall suffering greatly from various forms of the plague and taking multiple deaths; many of the local citizens were overheard thinking him the cause of the other plague effects occurring in the area. Both Nub and the Sarr Lhasa Skamar required resurrection as a result of the disease.
    Time continues to pass without a discovery to the cure of the Plague. Citizens are encouraged to bring all individuals suffering from its effects to their local Order of Light house so that the infected might receive some relief.
    The Lindall times continues to mourn the losses of the scores of citizens of Dardanos who have suffered their final deaths this month, and send our best wishes to any surviving family and loved ones.

Royal Arcanum News:

In accordance with the recent influx of adventurers to the town of Lindall, the Royal Arcanum will once more begin conducting business hours, during which time the Arcane Hall will be open to the public. Business hours will be as follows:
Friday Night:10:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Saturday Afternoon:12:00 PM - 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday Night:10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Sunday Afternoon:12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

During these hours, there will be free Detect Magic spells cast every hour on the half hour. As always, Arcanum services are also available by appointment.

News From Around the Kingdom:

Castle Phedron: Leaders from the Order of Light continue to tend to His Majesty’s health as fears persist that the King himself has contracted a form of the Plague. No official word on how badly His Majesty is feeling has been released.

War Report: No new advances have been observed from Kurzinnor and it is still believed that their forces continue to be just as devastated by the plague as ours. No word from the Crown as to when a renewed effort to retake Vestria and Ordin will begin.

Sinoa: Recent riots in several farming communities around the capital city of the barony have been placed to rest by intervention from representatives of the Order of the Golden Flame this month. Continued restlessness in the Duchy has many wondering when His Majesty will declare a new Ducal Household for the region.

Phylon: An entire herd of cattle belonging to farmers in the small village of Tasos has completed disappeared. Local authorities suspect the incident to be linked to Goblin raids in the area.

Nykia: House Nykia is rumored to be buying any living horses from throughout the kingdom for extraordinary prices. With the horse population also decimated by the plague, communications and trade throughout Caldaria have been greatly slowed.

Child Lost:

    "I just don’t know where he could have gotten off to," says Wade Markal of his nephew Risto. "We left him alone for less than an hour, and he has just disappeared." Risto was reported as missing to the nobility after the last gathering of citizens in Lindall.
    It is reported that no more than a month before his disappearance, the boy’s parents had both died permanently as a result of the plague. It was then that Goodman Markal was given custody of his young nephew. "I was tending to farm business, trying to secure a shipment of grain when he must have wandered off. He was terrified of the dark, I’m sure that he must be so scared out there on his own."
    Searches for the boy have proved fruitless as of yet. The boy is said to be tall for his age, slender, with light hair and blue eyes. Goodman Markal says that aside from his fears of the dark, he was a playful boy, with a love for armor and swords. "He was most devastated by the loss of his mother. I can only hope that he has found someone who has taken good care of him until we can find him."
    Goodman Markal and the local nobility are asking for any citizens or visitors of Lindall with information come forward and aid in their search.

Letters to the Editor:

    Citizens of and visitors to Lindall: I wish to warn you of an increase in theft, assault, and battery on the people of the Barony. There has been a frightening increase in attacks on the people of the Barony of Dardanos by citizen races. These bandits have been using all of their abilities, whether it be waylaying, alchemy, fighting, magic, necromancy, or battle tactics to ambush supply routes and average citizens.
    On the Friday night of our last gathering, there were at least two people who were waylaying citizens and visitors and tying to steal their belongings. I heard of more who had attacked the travelers of the Glory Road. Those who were caught were punished as was fitting for their crimes. Those who were not brought to justice shall be when they are located.
    Be on your guard as you travel over the next few months until this situation can be taken under control. If you are assaulted, please neutralize the threat as best you can and bring the perpetrators to the closest noble or magistrate for punishment.
    If you would like to offer your help in getting the situation under control, please speak to me and I will arrange for you to help patrol the borders and aid supplies in reaching their destinations. Also, if you are able to donate any weaponry, armor, alchemy, or other supplies to the cause, they will be gratefully accepted.
Thank you,

~Dame Lydia Menathenia~
Baronial Knight of Dardanos
First Knight to Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos

To the good people of Lindall,
    Thank you all for your hard work and bravery at this last weeks gathering. It is indeed a great joy to be back in my homeland, and to be with such fine people again. I am honored to serve you and my Barony in this great time of need. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any matters of importance to you, the people. I will be available as much as I can for teaching as well as providing guidance and a kind ear. I will also be reopening the village school as my father did before me. Anyone is free to come and learn reading, writing and other basic skills of life at the school.
    Again thank you for your warm welcome and for the honor of being your Knight. May the Spring be the True time of Rebirth for us all.

Sir Jaden Orilious, Knight of the Barony Dardanos.

To all,
    We have safely returned home to our lands. I wanted to send word to you that we hope that all is well with you. It is a troubled time that you have ahead of you and all I can say is that if you stay on the road and keep moving forward... you will get to your destination...wherever that may be.
    It may be a time before we are able to return to you lands, but if there is ever anything that I or the other travelers of Glory Road can do for you... please let me know. I have commissioned a runner to keep me up to date on the happenings of these lands so if you post here it should reach my ears. If you wish to send me a private missive you can send it to our hall in the lands of Ashbury.
    If you are ever in our lands please seek out myself or our group. May the road be safe and straight for you all.

Ender Vull
Journeyman Mage of Heavens and Earth
Traveler on the Glory Road

Good People of Caldaria,
    I have traveled broadly on the continent of Tar'Navarria, from the boarder of Home and my homeland Junjeq to Trellheim, and even over the seas to the fair isle Synvia. I have traveled the continent of Moria as well, through the sands of their mighty desert where I tasted of that legendary oasis. Yet never have I seen a country as beautiful as yours. Even if the tragedy that even now bleeds the life from all Gorbe in my homeland made my heart cold to all the speaking races, I think I should still be driven to defend your land if only because of the beauty of your straight trees and miraculous landscapes.
    Sadly, I shall not be able to return to your continent for at least two moons, due to reat labors that stand before me in Ashbury. But when I do return, I will devote myself utterly to the battle against the Plague. It is a most worthy cause.
    I am not wholly familiar the customs of your lands, so I may be rude to speak of my Lady Baroness Dardanos. Be that as it may, I must say you are quite lucky to have such a devoted and competent ruler. May she live many years, and may you all prosper under her rule.
    I am Kuwo Mushtee.

Public Announcements:

People of Lindall,
    In an effort to revive the culture and the arts within our duchy a competition well be held in on May 11th, 502 at approximately 8:00 pm. This competition shall be in the following disciplines: cooking, sewing, blacksmithing, painting, and performing. Prizes shall be given in each one of these categories as well as an overall grand prize. These prizes shall be based on the level of competition as well as the number of competitors.
Long live the king,
Seneschal Ellsworth DeMarco
April 17th, 502

I will be arranging an outing for any who would like to accompany me to go and gather ingredients needed by the Order of Light for their concoctions that have been aiding those with the Plague. Any who are interested in accompanying me should contact me Saturday morning May 11th. Thank you. ~Dame Lydia Menathenia

On Friday, May 11th, 502 at midnight, there will be an open meeting at the Arcane Hall in Lindall for all persons who are interested in seeking apprenticeship within the ranks of the Royal Arcanum. Topics discussed will include membership benefits, duties, Arcanum hierarchy, and the study of Celestial Magic.
-Sorcerer a’Thales Haven, Royal Arcanum

Make Your Next Gathering An Event To Remember! Employ the Gorbe Performers Lhasa Skamar, Mistress of Dance and Kuwo Mushtee, Master of Rhytyms *reasonable rates* *memorable entertainment* *uplift your spirits*

Adventurers of Lindall,
At this time the services of one or more professional bodyguards is being sought. If you are an able bodied individual seeking such type of employment please send a letter of interest to the seneschal's office within the baronial manor house.
Long live the king,
Seneschal Ellsworth DeMarco
April 19th, 502

Astrological Forecast:

By: Dame Lydia Menathenia

    We have now entered into the Rain Moon (also known as the Life Moon in some areas). As explained by the Royal Astrologer Triana Esparda Riault : “The second moon is referred to as the Rain Moon because of the continual showers that occur during that period of time. It is also known as the Life Moon because the life that was born in the Birth Moon continues to thrive and grow.” This is the time of the year when the leaves born during the Birth Moon begin to spread out and thrive, and the time when the baby animals are learning the basics of life from their parents.
    This is also the Moon in which Tabus’es are born. Tabus, The Goat, with its stability and strength, shows us how we need to be during this Moon: knowledgeable, tactful, and steady in all areas of our lives.
    It is a good time of the year to re-examine where you are in life. To clean out your house of what clutters it, and take inventory of what you have, and what you no longer need. For once you know what you have, you can know what you need or want, and know whether you can achieve what it is you want. Make sure you know where you are in your life and make sure your foundations are stable. It is a good time to start planting a garden of vegetables, and a good time to work outside. It is a good time to re-connect with your loved ones and bond with whomever or whatever is important in your life.