The Lindall Times

May Edition, 39th Year of His Majesty’s Reign, 504 C.R.

Gauntlet Engaged by Nykian and Dardanos Forces

(TIMES STAFF) After spending much of the past two months terrorizing the folk in the Lindon Forest and Lindall itself, the Crimson Fist has begun a major campaign in western Dardanos.

The past two months have seen some dark days for the barony of Dardanos as the Crimson Fist, addressed by his followers as "Lord General," seems to have taken a personal interest in the adventuring population of Lindall. This creature has brought with him a court of sorts that he calls "The Gauntlet." Numerous attempts by the adventurers to defeat this group of enemy officers have not gone as well as the people had hoped. The brave warriors of the duchy are not without assistance, as the Nykian Legions have redoubled their efforts and attacked the Kurzinnor forces from the west.

Nykia is well known for being one of the kingdom’s foremost military institutions and this attack has apparently attracted the attention of the Crimson Fist to western Dardanos. The Gauntlet and his forces have been heavily engaged there with the Nykian Legions under the command of Sir Ansari Arash Nykia. Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos has been coordinating the defense of the Barony with Sir Ansari, and has personally participated in several battles, fighting alongside Sir Ansari to repel the invaders.

Neither the Baroness nor Sir Ansari was available for comment, however it has been speculated by some that the Baroness and Sir Ansari are attempting to draw the Kurzinnor forces away from population centers and into the wilds where fewer civilian lives will be put at risk.

Note From Editor

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Editor

The newspaper is currently a work in progress. Anyone who is interested in writing regular columns please see me. The Scribe will also be speaking at forum to discuss employment for the paper.

The Warrior’s Vigil Tournament

By Arturio Produttore, Scribe for the Duchy of Stephanos

Greetings again adventurers of Lindall,

I apologize for my long absence but a bout of the plague left me in a coma for most of the year and I am just now getting through my backlog of paperwork.

As you all probably know Warrior's Vigil is upon us again. I will be in Lindall again to run & officiate the tournament again this year.

First I would like to recognize & congratulate last year’s winners:

First Place Team: The FOG

Second Place Team: Black Forest

Third Place Team: The Phalanx

Honorable Mention: The Twisted Thistle

A special recognition goes out to "Team Varen" who as an individual would have racked up 12 tournament points had he been competing as a team.

A breakdown of the individual event winners:


1st - Phalanx

2nd – Thistle

3rd - Azure FOG

Fighter's Duel

1st - Gilwing (Black Forest)

2nd - Pathyn (Mud & Blood)

3rd - Gormegil (Azure FOG)

Team Battle

1st - Black Forest

2nd - Mud & Blood

3rd - [incomprehensible]


1st - Red Cloud (Black Forest)

2nd - Cedric Fruvous

3rd - Tianna

Mage's Melee

Forfeit (all individuals refused to compete because of impending Kurzinnor attack)


1st - Azure Fog

2nd - Phalanx

3rd - Mud & Blood


1st - The Twisted Thistle

2nd - Azure Fog

3rd - Phalanx


1st - Theodin's crafted armor (Phalanx)

2nd - Glorianna's Delcious Dinner (Black Forest)

3rd - Thistle's Beef Barley Stew

Bardic Competition

1st - Gormegil's Alphabet (Azure Fog)

2nd - Thistle Twilight Elven Dance & Song (The Twisted Thistle)

3rd - [illegible] (Order of the White Flame)


1st - [smudged]

2nd - [indecipherable]

3rd - [obscured]

Legerdemain Challenge

1st - Wick (Azure Fog)

2nd - Bob (Mud & Blood)

3rd - There was no 3rd place finisher only 2 competitors disarmed the trap

A belated congratulations to you all.

A rough schedule for this year's Vigil is as follows:

Friday Night

Tournament signup in the Three Brother's Tavern


Tournament will begin at 1pm with the Parade. This year the Parade will begin at the Arcanum and continue down onto the tournament field.

The Hunt will be announced following the conclusion of the Parade.

The Forage lists will be handed out at this time as well.

The afternoon will then begin with the Fighter's Duel

Followed by Archery

Which will then be followed by Team Battle

The afternoon festivities will then end with the legerdemain challenge.

At the feast being so generously provided by Goodman Arno Gaspar De Mots in the Three Brother's Tavern the following events will be held: Artisan's Exhibit & Riddles (conducted by Sorcerer Zacharias).


On Sunday morning tournament will reconvene at noon for the following events:

Fighter's Duel Finals (if necessary)

Bardic Competition

Conclusion of the Forage

Conclusion of the Hunt

Mages Melee

The presentation of awards will then conclude Warrior's Vigil.

The prizes for the top teams will be the same as last year:

First Place Team: Extended Earth Blade (on team's weapon of choice)

Second Place Team: Extended Life Item

Third Place Team: Extended Ward Item

Thank you for your time and patience, and I look forward to once again spending this Warrior's Vigil with the adventures of Lindall.

Arturio Produttore

Scribe for the Duchy of Stephanos

Warrior's Vigil Tournament Coordinator

The information concerning the Baronial Tournaments is contained herein:

Overall Rules:
The tournament is team-based, with a minimum of three members per team, with a maximum of six members. The team with the most points overall in the tournament is declared the winner and will receive a bonus prize at the end. Any team not participating in a particular event will receive zero points for that event.

Citizens who are not part of an established team will be allowed to participate in individual events for smaller prizes. Individuals entered as part of a larger team agree to forfeit prizes for individual events as they are in the running for the overall tournament prizes. In addition, individuals entered as part of a larger team may not compete in any event except to represent their team. Teams may not have multiple entries in the same competition.

The Noble Household running each tournament will select prizes for each event, as well as for the overall winner. Individual Households may decide to run events in whatever order they so choose.

The Parade will officially open the tournament, and the parade route will be from the Order of Light, down the road past the Arcanum and Three Brothers tavern to the tournament field.

The Parade is mandatory for all teams entering the tournament. The teams must present themselves to the Nobility officiating the tournament as a team, and then as individuals, as each team sees fit.

Each entry is to be judged on categories including, but not limited to: uniformity of entry, color and styling in presentation of entry, vocal presentation of entry, unity in presentation of entry, and overall appearance of entry.

Individuals participating in other events may also enter the Parade.

Fighter's Duel:
Warriors will face each other in round-robin style preliminaries. The top warriors will then proceed to the single-elimination finals. Teams may only enter one warrior to represent them in the Fighter’s Duel.

Use of armor, mighty blows, shattering weapons, stunning limbs, magic items, spells, or alchemical poisons are barred from this competition. Healers will be provided by the Nobility to ensure all combatants will be healed of all injury incurred during this competition.

Mage’s Melee:
All Mages entering this competition will face each other in a grand battle, with the last mage standing declared the winner. Once a mage is determined to be unable to cast spells he or she will be considered eliminated from the competition. Teams may only enter one spell caster to represent them in the Mage’s Melee.

Magical items, including potions and scrolls, and spells from the 9th circle are barred from this competition, as is the spell Dominate. Necromancy is strictly forbidden and anyone using necromancy in the battle will feel the full weight of the law descend upon them. Healers will be provided by the Nobility to ensure all combatants will be healed of all injury incurred during this competition.

Team Battle:
Three person teams will compete against each other in an all out melee.

Use of armor, mighty blows, shattering weapons, spells, or alchemical poisons is allowed for this competition. No magical items, including potions and scrolls, are allowed.

Last-team member standing wins. Once a person has rendered unable to fight (dropped, immobilized, rendered unconscious), they are not allowed to return to the field (i.e. team members cannot heal/cure each other once they are down).

Order of Light members & initiates will be required to be on hand to remove fallen combatants from the field and stabilize them. Referee will provide all healing needed after the battle.

Archers will compete in target shooting at various distances. Each contestant will get three arrows, totaling the score of all three shots. There will be 3 rounds, after each round the top 50% will move on. Ranking is determined by the combined score from all 3 rounds.

Teams may only enter one archer in the competition. Bow and arrows will be provided by the tournament.

The officiating Noble will announce this year’s prey whose skins are to be collected by the participants. At the close of the Hunt, the Judge will record the total number of skins collected by each entry, with the overall winner being the entry with the most skins. The over all scores will determine the winner of the hunt at the end of the tournament.

The officiating Noble will distribute a list of items to be collected by participants. The Judge will record the order in which Forage items are turned in, with faster results yielding more points. The over all scores will determine the winner of the Forage at the end of the tournament.

Artisan’s Exhibit:
Crafts of all sorts will be presented to the judges. Each entry will be given up to ten points based on the following qualities: quality, appearance, durability, creativity in presentation and assembly, quality of materials used, presentation, and explanation of how it was created. Teams may submit one entry for consideration in this event.

Bardic Competition:
The Nobility judges this competition, and those judges assigned by the Noble officiating the tournament. Each entry will entertain the assembled peoples for up to 5 minutes.

Teams may only submit one entry into the Bardic competition.

Participants compete in a competition of answering riddles, with the most correct answers determining the winner.

Teams may compete as a unit, but judges will only accept one answer per riddle from each team.

Legerdemain Challenge:
Participants will be judged on speed & dexterity of opening a trap. Individuals will be given a total of ten minutes to disarm the trap using their own tools (individuals may borrow tool sets from others if able). The winner will be the person who disarms the trap in the shortest period. If no one disarms the trap, there will be no winner. If there is only one person who disarms the trap, there will be only one winner, and so on.

Teams may only enter one person to represent them in this competition.

The Warning Report

By Squire Liand’aara Farwynd Ivyshade

Since Squire Gnazz was not available to write this report, Scribe Riddick asked that I substitute for him.

As is obvious to us all, there is a war raging on not far from our borders, and in some places within. All should make best efforts to avoid being taken by the enemy or killed in the ensuing battles. If the battle nears too close to your home, please take your family and neighbors and flee north where it should be safer. If you are a trained warrior, please see a representative of the Royal Army, so that you can assist in the defense of our Kingdom.

Lindall has also become a dangerous place, as it is the site of much Kurzinnor activity of late. The town has been a target of slavers and a powerful foe called the Crimson Fist, he travels with his Gauntlet, a group of individuals that are comparably powerful to himself. If you see a creature enrobed in flame, an elven woman that appears to have a rotting face & claws, a hobling man with a glowing sword, a creature made of liquid metal manifesting extremely bright aura, a lizard man and a troll, please leave the area as quickly as possible and report it to your local authority. These creatures will all be marked with a red spiked pauldron on one or both of their shoulders.

Also, a rift, that opened earlier this year in the center of Lindall, has been growing and appears to be releasing shadow beasts into our lands. As usual avoid shadow creatures, they have the ability to take over your body and skill, there are few ways to rid them from someone that is possessed, including light spells and dispel magic spells cast at the individual. In a situation where magical means are not available, drastic measures may need to be taken to ensure the safety of those around you, and you may need to have the beast forcibly removed from you. This must be done for the safety of all that inhabit this kingdom.

Those that wish to flee to Lindall for refuge, please heed my words and warning, seek lands further to the north such as Solana in Atharos. Those headed to Solana please be wary of travel through Steadwick, as detailed in previous reports it may not provide the safe haven you seek. Another safe haven may be found in and around The Freehold of Shay’s Forest in Demos, to the west, travels may be difficult but with recent discoveries it may be a safe refuge.

The City Watch: Announcement

The Lindall City Watch would like to take a moment to recognize the promotion of Scribe Riddick Dale to full Watchman per the Baroness. We at in the Watch feel that Riddick will make a great addition to the Watch with both his quill and his sword.

The Watch would also like to make a request to all the citizens Lindall, those that reside here and those that feel it is their adopted home. With the tournament coming this gathering, it does become increasingly difficult for the Watch to maintain its eyes and ears at all time. We ask that all those who keep the town near and dear to them to be ever in keeping an eye out for any trouble that may occur and to make sure that the proper authorities are notified if a crime occurs or is witnessed. The Watch would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward Tournament as I am sure everyone else does.

Watchman Theodin Hammerfist

Lindall City Watch

Member of the Phalanx

Shadowbeasts Attack!

by Scribe Riddick Dale, Editor

On the Saturday of this past gather, a large group of shadowbeasts attacked the adventurers of Lindall. They seemed to be accompanied by several possessed Kurzinnor warriors. The battle lasted for quite some time as the people of Lindall rallied with their backs to the home of the Azure F.O.G. Aside from a few brief possessions of some townsfolk, including Squire Gormegil and Issalura, the battle was won handily. There we no resurrections.

After the battle was done, Sir Nathan was overheard congratulating the town on winning the battle and demonstrating great restraint in staying together.

There was much speculation as to where the attack came from. There is no question that the shadowbeasts are very willing to attack on their own. However, the soundest theory according to the adventurers in Lindall is that the Kurzinnor were in fact drawing the shadowbeasts out of the rift on the edge of town by dropping liquid light elixirs into it.

Crimson Fist Attacks Again

Words From Brave Lindall Adventurers

By Miranda Fishpocket, Times Reporter

The morning after the second attack of the Crimson Fist—I, Miranda Fishpocket, go to Lindall to interview the brave adventurers about their encounters. Stopping by the tavern, I am immediately directed to Scribe Riddick Dale. Dispelling fears about discussing the subject, Riddick describes the Fist as "enrobed in flame" and, putting himself on the line, he adds that the Kurzinnor leader is "bad bad bad bad bad" ("and horrible", chimes in Goodwoman Kaia).

Warming to the topic, the townspeople in the tavern add that the C.F. has five companions: a very powerful and frightening silvery construct, a hobling with a magic weapon, a rotting corpse that commands undead, what's been described as a "lizard-man-creature" and a troll (apparently people are afraid to describe his helmet in public in case he reads the Lindall Times and takes offense--suffice to say, it is shiny). If you see anyone who might fit this description but you are unsure, readers please note that these commanders also sport one spiked spaulder each, no doubt taken from unfortunate porcupine kin living along the border. Despite their apparent comic appearances, Lindall seems to take this threat very seriously. Scribe Dale says in a very somber tone that the Crimson Fist "is very capable of laying waste to everything", and Theodin Hammerfist admits that this foe is "immensely powerful". Continuing this show of vocabulary, some townswomen added that the circulating rumor of a Kurzinnor spy in Lindall is "subjective conjecture".

When asked what the C.F. wants, a twonsperson (who does not wish to identified because "no one wants to hear what [he has] to say") says that the C.F.'s goal is "cruel subjugation" (once again, impressive vocabulary, but not surprising from a brilliant Ansconi mapmaker).

However, the town has not come to a consensus on the exact reasons for the C.F.'s actions for, as Raedrick points out, "he doesn't talk much." Master Kenji, at least, assuredly states that the Fist is here to "conquer us". Sir Nathan, though, is confident that the good people of Lindall "will find a way to defeat this foe as they have always before--with intelligence and heart."

So far the only personal encounter I've heard about is from Issalura and Vree, who, with their quick thinking and crafty speech were able to dissuade the C.F. from draining their Ward and attacking those inside. Indeed, the Fist seems to listen to reason.

In a very inspiring interview, Goodman Kostantinos said that the C.F. has allowed some to "speak to him on a rational level without coming to harm" and although the Fist "is not something to be bowed to, it is something to be treated with respect." I asked him what the courageous adventurers of Lindall can do against this threat. He replied that with an "intelligent, concerted effort" and a "willingness to die for that which you love" the town of Lindall would vanquish this foe. "Who or what do you think will galvanize the adventurers to be so brave? Is there a leader among you who can take on such a task?" I asked. He responds immediately with one word: "Lanthlidis."

Lindall Comes to the Aid of Hedgewood

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Editor

In the month before the last gathering, several adventurers from several different adventuring teams, including the Phalanx, the Twisted Thistle and Black Forest, heeded the call of Marra Page, a savant in the Lindall Order of Light, to aid in the rebuilding of Hedgewood. Much work needed to be done considering the actions of the insane necromancer Chessel. Homes, and lives, needed to be rebuilt.

Some justice was done for these people as Chessel met his sentence of Obliteration. He did successfully resurrect afterwards. I have said this before: Chessel is a necromancer. Necromancy does not go away easily, if ever. All of us should exercise extreme caution when dealing with him.

There is still much work to be done. Any adventurer who would like to help should simply make the walk and take up a tool to aid in their rebuilding.

Troubles With Caldarian High-Ogres:

Was Granting Them Citizenship a Mistake?

(TIMES STAFF) Concerned citizens throughout the kingdom have been reporting a number of unsettling incidents involving tribes of high-ogres. In the autumn of last year, several tribes of High-Ogres that lived in the Wildlands south of the Veiled Forest stopped communicating with nearby lands for trade. The same thing happened over the winter to the mountainous tribes that lived further south. At first, it was though that there might be conflict among these tribes and the Volker people or the various people of the Caldarian Mountains. A few archaeologists have also put forth the theory that the race is simply becoming extinct due to a short life-span and a small population from which to begin.

The spring, however, has brought the high-ogres out of hiding. A number of villages and merchant caravans in the baronies of Phylon and Atharos have reported attacks from tribes of high-ogres that have seemingly reverted to the ways of their less civilized brethren. At first these attacks were dismissed as confusion and the inability of many citizens to distinguish between monstrous ogres and citizen High-Ogres, but further accounts have confirmed that some of these vicious assaults were indeed perpetrated by the missing tribes from the Wildlands and the Caldarian Mountains.

Groups of concerned citizens have begun petitioning their nobles to speak to the king about removing the citizenship of High-Ogres. Tensions have been rising between many towns and nearby High-Ogre tribes. This has also spread to a distrust of the Elves of the Veiled Forest, for it was at the request of the Twilight Elves that the kingdom of Caldaria granted citizenship to the High-Ogres. Some nobles have taken the request of these petitioners to the throne, while others have not or have yet to do so. There has been no official comment from any in the royal capital.

Tavern Talk

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Editor

I was recently given the opportunity to speak with Squire Gormegil regarding some of his thoughts and feelings regarding a number of topics. Our conversation was relatively brief as he is busy with squire duties. However, I felt it was important that we have a chance to hear from him.

Scribe Riddick: How old are you?

Squire Gormegil: I am 7 years old. That is well into my adulthood for my kind.

Scribe Riddick: Where are you from?

Squire Gormegil: My clan lived in Vestria before it fell. I grew up there for a great deal of my youth. I have been in Lindall for several years now.

Scribe Riddick: Do you like being a Squire?

Squire Gormegil: I love being a squire. The fact that the Baroness felt I was worthy to learn the lessons of nobility is a great honor. I live and breathe for Lindall and being a squire is just one more way for me to do that.

Scribe Riddick: What do you think of the other Squires?

Squire Gormegil: The other squires are great. We are there for each other to lean on and draw strength from. I know that if I should stumble one of them would be there to aid me to my feet as I would be for them.

Scribe Riddick: I know there have been rumors floating about that they are looking for new squires, who do you think would be good for that?

Squire Gormegil: The nobility is always keeping their eyes open for new candidates. In my opinion a good person to be a squire is someone who has their heart in it. I do not wish to put anyone on the spot or upset anyone by naming specific names in a public forum.

Scribe Riddick: If you were a Knight, would you take a Squire right away? Or would you wait? Who would you choose?

Squire Gormegil: If I were deemed worthy to be a Knight I would most likely wait a bit before taking my own Squire. I would wish to do the person a good service in teaching them as I was taught. I do not believe I could properly do that without first being a Knight for some time first.

Scribe Riddick: Do you feel that your reputation as "The Ladies Orc" has hurt you in your quest for Knighthood?

Squire Gormegil: Certainly. As was expressed to me by the Order of the Golden Flame, they worry about my image as a jester and a fool. My joking nature is something that I must be careful to watch. If it is not balanced correctly I am a fool instead of a leader.

Scribe Riddick: You are a member the Azure F.O.G….what does that mean to you?

Squire Gormegil: Being a member of the F.O.G. is like having a family. It means the world to me. We came together a long time go out of common need and we have remained together, grown together and support each other in everything that we do.

Scribe Riddick: Who would you say is Lindall's greatest enemy right now?

Squire Gormegil: The Kurzinnor are not only Lindall's great enemy but an enemy to all of Caldaria.

Scribe Riddick: If you could only choose one of the enemies of the town to totally eliminate which one would you choose?

Squire Gormegil: The Crimson Fist is an obvious choice but it is just a pawn of the greater evil that is the Kurzinnor. After we kill him another will take his place. If I could rid us of one enemy I would rid us of the Kurzinnor. They are an unwelcome invader and should leave these lands. Since they will not leave though, I will gladly send them home one by one. The Fist shall find soon that there is no arm behind them.

Scribe Riddick: Do you have anything that you would like to say to the people of Lindall?

Squire Gormegil: We are a unique place. A great deal of powerful adventurers gather here. Let us attempt to work together more effectively so we can crush our enemies beneath our heels. Only through working together can we rise and then there will be glory for us all.

A Message From Goodman Arno Gaspar de Mots

I would like to announce that after a long search I have found a tavernkeeper to follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Zymm for the 3 Brother's Tavern.

He should be arriving on Friday of the next Forum, if you have any issues with the tavern, or any business you would like to conduct with me, please see him as he is my official representative in Lindall and is responsible for the day to day activities within the Three Brothers' Tavern.

I would also Like to thank Goodman Da for doing an excellent job maintaining food servers at the Three Brothers for the last 2 Forums, and would like to extend this public invitation for him to be the Head Chef at the Three Brothers Tavern.

Also, seeing as how I will have to be in Lindall to judge the Artisan's Exhibit for Warrior’s Vigil, I would like to announce that I will be holding a poker tournament in the Three Brothers Tavern on Saturday Night. There will be two games, a high stakes game where the buy in will be 10 gold and the prizes will include a scroll, a preserved magic item and some reagents, plus gold. The low stakes game will have a buy in of 2 gold and the prizes will be an extended magic item, and an enchanted magic item, plus gold.

I look forward to seeing you all again and hope that this year's Warrior's Vigil is a joyous celebration.


Arno Gaspar de Mots

Tavern menu

Breakfast both days 1 silver
Eggs any style
Home fries
Sausage Gravy

Saturday 12:30 - 3 pm

Sausages with sautéed onions and peppers on a bun

Price 2 silver

Phalanx Kabobs
Price 3 silver

Above items will be served out of the tavern.

Saturday evening 5:30 pm -8pm Price 2 silver

BBQ Roast of Beef
BBQ Chicken
Potato salad
Cole Slaw
Teriyaki Stir Fry veggies

Assorted Beers and spirits (Price varies)

Classified Ads:

Looking for item to protect against binding magic. Item must be usable in Caldaria, and have uses per day. If you are looking to sell please contact the Sorcerer for further information.

Anonymous Request


The Phalanx is currently in search of the following items.

Render Indestructible Scrolls

Improved Render Scrolls

Arcane Armor Scroll

Any Ritual Components

If you possess any of these items and would like to discuss their sale/trade

please contact

Scribe Riddick Dale.

We look forward to doing business with you.

The Royal Army needs YOU!

The 19th Stephanos Rangers Regiment is currently recruiting! We are seeking men and women; warriors, scouts, mages and healers; people of integrity and honor to serve their duchy and kingdom in its time of need. Enlistment terms are a minimum of one year.

Basic Training for new recruits will be taking place periodically throughout the year. See any member of the Royal Army of Caldaria for information on how to enlist.

Vintenar Major Bangor, Adjutant

19th Stephanos Rangers

News from around the Kingdom

Leonidas: Fishermen from the barony of Pardalens have reported many sightings of strange ships with dark colored sails. Royal Navy vessels have been sent to the area to investigate, but as we go to press the Navy has been unable to confirm the sightings.

Royal Arcanum

To the People of Lindall:

It has apparently been the custom of this publication to provide space for the chartered guilds to express themselves, and I gratefully take advantage of the opportunity so provided.

By order of my superiors within the Royal Arcanum, and by further order of the duly responsible nobility, I have recently taken up duties as the Sorcerer of the Royal Arcanum at Lindall. It will, perhaps, come as no surprise that the Arcanum has decayed into a state of some disarray in the time since the post of Sorcerer was last meaningfully filled. The first order of business, therefore, is the re-establishment and re-organization of the Lindall Hall of the Arcanum. To that end, I encourage the people of Lindall to be willing to re-evaluate the Arcanum’s function, utility, value, and customary operation.

As a first step, the Permanent Circle has been collapsed and re-cast, thus excluding, among others, A’Thales Haven, who was formerly invested therein.

In the absence of any accurate rolls or records, we will begin anew with regard to membership and rank within the Arcanum. This is no reflection upon the worth and service of those who formerly held positions of responsibility. Members of the Arcanum are asked to contact the Sorcerer at once if they have not already done so, and further requested to communicate their former rank to the Sorcerer at that time. Further, the Arcanum is currently seeking new members, and interested individuals are invited to inquire. Prospective members should be able to read and write, and possess an interest in learning Celestial Magic. Instruction in Reading and Writing is available from the Arcanum to all, at no cost.

In addition to its responsibilities relating to Celestial Magic training and research, the Royal Arcanum offers several services which we invite the township of Lindall to become familiar with:

Library Services

The Royal Arcanum is currently engaged in the acquisition and creation of texts to comprise a general library of relevant information. The Arcanum is willing to purchase documents of any kind, including but not limited to scrolls, books, maps, and fragments of the same. The Arcanum is also interested in purchasing or commissioning written accounts of Lindall’s recent history, as well as written descriptions of Lindall’s flora and fauna, and indigenous and monster populations. Interested scribes are encouraged to contact the Sorcerer.

General Research

The Arcanum will perform general research on any topic. Inquiries are free, and charges are assessed only upon successful delivery of results. As research may take advantage of the collections of other Halls, immediate results may not be possible. Interested parties are asked to expect at least ten day’s time between request and result. Inquiries, inquirers identities, and information supplied by inquirers, will be kept confidential. The Arcanum reserves the right to utilize the information obtained by its research unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Confidential Brokering

The Arcanum will arrange the sale, purchase, or trade of magical items, components, reagents, or catalysts, while maintaining the anonymity of seller and buyer. Parties interested in purchasing an item are encouraged to express their interest to the Sorcerer. All inquiries are completely confidential. Parties with items available for sale or trade should contact the Sorcerer. Again, the nature of the items and the identity of the seller will be kept in strictest confidence. All items will be identified, and guaranteed by the Arcanum to be as represented.

Ritual Services

The Sorcerer, membership, and Circle of the Arcanum at Lindall are available by arrangement for the performance of Rituals. Because no two rituals are alike, each ritual and its cost must be arranged individually. Unless otherwise arranged, the Arcanum is not responsible for providing ritual components or subjects. As always, full confidentiality applies. The Arcanum assumes, but does not verify, the legality and authorization of all rituals. The Arcanum accepts no responsibility for the Ritual’s outcome. Inquiries are free and confidential.

Below, please find the most recent Arcanum prices, divided by member’s and outsider’s costs. Costs may be negotiable and barter may be accepted. Prices may be adjusted in coming weeks.

Morgan Zacharius,

Initiate of the Library of Rhul,

Master of the Vespertine Circle,

Sorcerer of the Royal Arcanum at Lindall.

General Services

Outsider’s Cost

Member’s Cost

General Counsel and Sorcerous Advice

By Arrangement



By Arrangement


Scribe Services

By Arrangement



By Arrangement


Textual Elucidation

By Arrangement


Buying and selling of texts maps or documents



Library Services

Not Available


Evaluation of an item’s true value

1 copper piece


Detection of magic

2 copper pieces


Identification of magical properties (item or person)

2 silver pieces


Buying and selling of magical items



Spell Casting

By Arrangement

By Arrangement

Spell Casters for Hire



Casting of Elenaro's Astral Displacement

3 gold crowns

1 gold crown

Casting of Bork's Invitation

3 gold crowns

1 gold crown


Outsiders' Cost

Arcanum Cost

Reading Lessons

naught! (limited time)


Writing Lessons

naught! (limited time)


Magic Reading Lessons

naught! (limited time)


First Circle

1 silver piece

1 copper piece

Second Circle

2 silver pieces

2 copper pieces

Third Circle

4 silver pieces

4 copper pieces

Fourth Circle

8 silver pieces

8 copper pieces

Fifth Circle

1 gold crown, 6 silver

1 silver piece, 6 copper

Sixth Circle

3 gold crowns, 2 silver

3 silver pieces, 2 copper

Seventh Circle

6 gold crowns, 4 silver

6 silver pieces, 4 copper

Eighth Circle

12 gold crowns, 8 silver

12 silver pieces, 8 copper

Ninth Circle

25 gold crowns, 6 silver

2 gold crowns, 5 silver, 6 copper

Books and Scrolls

Outsiders' Cost

Arcanum Cost

Spell ink

5 copper pieces per spell per level (must be in copper form)

Use of a minor spell book

5 silver pieces


Use of a full spell book

5 gold crowns

5 silver pieces

Selling of a minor spell book

10 gold crowns


Selling of a full spell book

not available


Buying of spell books



Casting of a spell from a battle magic scroll

1 silver piece or naught with purchase of scroll


Selling of battle magic scrolls

1 silver piece per level (or by demand)

By Arrangement

Buying of battle magic scrolls

5 copper pieces per level (or by demand)

5 copper pieces per level (or by demand)

Trading of battle magic scrolls



Ritual Services

Outsiders' Cost

Arcanum Cost

Performance of Ritual

1 gold crown per level minimum, not including reagents and catalysts, Arcanum not responsible for Results

By Arrangement

Spell-crafting of ritual magics (requires 10 days notice)

1 gold crown per reagent required (or by demand)

By Arrangement

Translation of ritual scroll

5 silver pieces


Selling of ritual scrolls



Buying of ritual scrolls

1 gold crown per level (or by demand)

1 gold crown per level (or by demand)

Buying of ritual reagents

1 gold crown

1 gold crown

Selling of ritual reagents



Buying of ritual catalysts



Selling of ritual catalysts



Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalysts



Use of Circle

By Arrangement

By Arrangement

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.

For sale:

Spell Ink

5 copper commons per spell level

Full Earth spell book

10 gold crowns


1 silver noble per level

Ritual Magics:


Spell-crafting of rituals

By demand

Casting of rituals

1 gold crown per difficulty level

Items purchased/traded:


Bought at 5 copper commons per level

Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only)

Ritual Scrolls

1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)

Ritual Reagents

1 gold crown each

Ritual Catalysts


Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalysts


Necromantic Items

Necromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.

Interested parties should please see Master Li Kenji.