The Lindall Times

June edition, 38th year of His Majesty's reign, 503 C.R.

Magic Stealing Creatures Destroyed!

(TIMES STAFF) During the Gathering in April, several townsfolk unwitting opened a rift that unleashed a strange new creature to the lands of Dardanos.
These creatures were vaguely humanoid creatures with skin looking similar to dried mud with glowing cracks. They made a characteristic humming noise as well. They seemed to be attracted to magic, and some of them were capable of draining Wards, while others attempted to drain spells from the minds of Lindall’s spellcasters.
Sporadic attacks by these creatures continued day and night. Many adventurers defended the town while others left town to warn the locals nearby of the new menace.
Later it was discovered that the Osprey Wild Elf Tribe, which lives in the area of the Lindon Forest, apparently had faced these creatures in the past, long before the rise of Caldaria. Apparently a Wild Elf named Nine Trolls held a grudge of some sort against the Caldarians, and arranged the release of these creatures.
On the Friday night before the May Forum, the adventurers of Lindall rescued the tribal elder Old Father, who was being held captive by some of Nine Trolls’ warriors. Old Father explained that Nine Trolls did not speak for all the Osprey people, but that he would need to convince the other tribal elders to assist the Caldarians in closing the rift.
The following day, a wild elf emissary from the Osprey brought a delegation of Lindall’s citizens to meet with the tribal elders of the Osprey tribe. Citizens Zymm, Gannicus, Marra, Caprice and Tianna attended. They listened to the elders discuss the situation, and finally the tribal elders presented their demands. The elders agreed that they would aid the Caldarians if the Caldarians would accede to their demands.
Two of the elders demanded a stack of arrows and a parcel of land with exclusive hunting rights within the Lindon Forest respectively. The three remaining elders declared that they needed more time, and that they would send word of their specific demands at a later time.
The people of Lindall did not have to wait long. During Forum, one of the elders arrived and declared her requirement. There was a large monster in the Lindon Forest that was killing all the game and threatening the food supply for the Osprey Tribe. If the Caldarians would remove the threat, the elder would give them her support.
The adventurers of Lindall wasted no time arming themselves and proceeding into the Forest. After a search they found the monster, a large spider with dozens if not hundreds of child spiders clinging to her back. After a fierce fight, the adventurers were victorious and the monster slain.
Later that evening, several adventurers, patrolling in the forest outside of Lindall, came upon a farm. There was one of the tribal elders, arguing with the inhabitants of the farm. The elder, Horse’s Breath, claimed that the farm had been built upon a wild elf burial ground, and was demanding that the farmers leave the land and the building be removed.
The farmers refused to leave, even after the adventurers themselves attempted to convince them. Soon several wild elf undead appeared and attacked. The farmers fled for their lives, throwing their deed to the farm away as they ran. The adventurers were able to defeat the undead, in the process, protecting Horse’s Breath from her undead kin. The adventurers then turned over ownership of the land to the Osprey people, and offered to raze the farmhouse. Horse’s Breath thanked them and said that the Osprey people would take on the burden of restoring the land. Horse’s Breath also said that she now felt that the Caldarians had proven themselves to her satisfaction.
Early the next day, an unarmed and angry wild elf stormed into town. He declared that he was a representative of his elder, Broken Knife. He had witnessed that some farmers had taken a wild elf captive, and they were using her as a slave, forcing her to do manual labor on their farm. Normally, the wild elf stated, the Osprey people would have exacted their own justice and kill the farmers for their crime, but Broken Knife had commanded him to give the Caldarians the opportunity to uphold their own laws. If they did so, then The wild elf led many adventurers from Lindall to the farm, where they saw a pair of farmers beating and ridiculing the wild elf. The adventurers took the two farmers into custody and freed the wild elf. Goodwoman Chandra Dawnfire splinted the captive’s injured leg. Returning to Lindall, the adventurers turned over the farmers to Seneschal Leander for trial.
After a short trial, during which the farmers confessed but expressed no remorse for their crimes, Sir Nathan declared them guilty and executed them on the spot. Once the wild elf witnessed them begin to resurrect, he and his newly freed kinswoman left Lindall, and said that they would inform Broken Knife that the Caldarian indeed followed their laws.
That afternoon the tribal elder Old Father arrived in Lindall. He informed the adventurers of Lindall that the elders of the Osprey people had agreed to aid the Caldarians in removing which he called the "Ancient Evil." He said that the elders had made a new seal for the rift, and that it would need to be locked into place over the rift. However, it would require a sacrifice.
Someone would have to guide the seal into place from the other side, thereby passing himself into the rift. The person who did this would have no escape once the rift was sealed, and would be forced to resurrect. Old Father volunteered to make the sacrifice, if the Caldarians would aid him in getting close enough to the rift. Goodman Varen bravely volunteered in Old Father’s place, to make the sacrifice himself, fully aware of the consequences.
The adventurers of Lindall massed for the battle, under the leadership of Seneschal Sir Nathan Leander and Lord Jaden Orilious. Old Father led them to the seal, and the adventurers carried it towards the location of the cave. As they approached, they encountered hundreds of the Magic Stealers, and there began a vicious battle. The adventurers drove a wedge through the creatures, heading for the cave entrance, even as more of the creatures burst from the rift to join the fight. The adventurers made it to the entrance, and Goodman Varen guided the seal into place. He vanished into the rift, and the seal locked into position, closing the rift. A cheer rose up from the adventurers, but they still have to defeat all the Magic Stealers that had already exited the rift.
The adventurers were being attacked from all sides, and the adventurers put up a valiant fight, destroying the Magic Stealers on all sides, but there seemed to be no end to them, and they simply kept coming. The spellcasters began to get low on spells, both battle magic and healing, and the adventurers retreated into a tighter and tighter circle, finally retreating to within the cave itself. During the fighting Squire Gnazz Sunderdragon and Goodman Grugarr were engulfed by one of the creatures, and despite several attempts to kill the creature and rescue them, both resurrected.
To protect themselves within the cave, the adventurers cast a Ward on the cave, only to have the creatures proceed to drain it. Realizing that to remain in the cave indefinitely would be suicidal, several adventurers, including Goodman Rhys ap Ruald and Lord Jaden, bravely burst out of the cave to distract the creatures and lure them away. Lord Jaden and Goodman Rhys succeeded in dispersing the creatures, allowing the adventurers to exit the cave, defeat the remaining Magic Stealers and open a path back to Lindall.
Although there may still be some Magic Stealers wandering in the Lindon Forest, since the battle sightings have been rare and it is clear that the primary threat has been eliminated with the sealing of the rift.
With the concurrence of the Osprey tribe, Seneschal Sir Nathan has ordered that all entrances to the cave be permanently sealed so that the rift within may never again be accessed, either inadvertently or intentionally.

Varen and Naoko Executed for Treason!

(TIMES STAFF) During the weekend of the Forum in April, the traitor a’Thales Haven arrived in town and held a meeting of spellcasters. The details of that meeting remain unknown, but as he is a criminal wanted for High Treason, it could not have been good.
Under sanction from Sir Nathan, Squire Gnazz Sunderdragon attempted to thwart any evil plans from being made before they could get out of control. Gnazz had several letters sent to the spellcasters of Lindall. The contents of these letters is unknown, but are presumed to contain information leading the recipients to believe that the letters were from Haven. Two spellcasters of Lindall, Goodman Varen and Goodwoman Naoko Ohmi, apparently responded to their letters.
Squire Gnazz then turned the evidence over to Sir Nathan, who immediately had Naoko and Varen arrested and brought to trial on the charge of Treason. The evidence proved to be damning, and neither of the accused had much to say in their defense. Angry at the entire situation, Sir Nathan carried out their execution immediately. Sir Nathan was by no means the only one angry at this turn of events, and he received a tongue-lashing from Master Li Kenji of the Order of Light. The citizens of Lindall were in an uproar, as they had witnessed Goodman Varen just sacrifice himself and resurrect in order to save the barony from the Magic Stealers, only to see him executed immediately thereafter for treason!
Both Naoko and Varen resurrected successfully after their executions.

Return of the Warrior’s Vigil Tournament

By Arturio Produttore, Scribe for the Duchy of Stephanos
The King has announced that the Kingdom of Caldaria shall once again celebrate the holiday of Warrior's Vigil.
As such the Duchy of Stephanos announces that the time of Tournament and remembrances has come.
The information concerning the Baronial Tournaments is contained herein:

Overall Rules:
The tournament is team-based, with a minimum of three members per team, with a maximum of six members. The team with the most points overall in the tournament is declared the winner and will receive a bonus prize at the end. Any team not participating in a particular event will receive zero points for that event.
Citizens who are not part of an established team will be allowed to participate in individual events for smaller prizes. Individuals entered as part of a larger team agree to forfeit prizes for individual events as they are in the running for the overall tournament prizes. In addition, individuals entered as part of a larger team may not compete in any event except to represent their team. Teams may not have multiple entries in the same competition.
The Noble Household running each tournament will select prizes for each event, as well as for the overall winner. Individual Households may decide to run events in whatever order they so choose.
The Parade will officially open the tournament, and the parade route will be from the Order of Light, down the road past the Arcanum and Three Brothers tavern to the tournament field.
The Parade is mandatory for all teams entering the tournament. The teams must present themselves to the Nobility officiating the tournament as a team, and then as individuals, as each team sees fit.
Each entry is to be judged on categories including, but not limited to: uniformity of entry, color and styling in presentation of entry, vocal presentation of entry, unity in presentation of entry, and overall appearance of entry.
Individuals participating in other events may also enter the Parade.
Fighter's Duel:
Warriors will face each other in round-robin style preliminaries. The top warriors will then proceed to the single-elimination finals. Teams may only enter one warrior to represent them in the Fighter’s Duel.
Use of armor, mighty blows, shattering weapons, stunning limbs, magic items, spells, or alchemical poisons are barred from this competition. Healers will be provided by the Nobility to ensure all combatants will be healed of all injury incurred during this competition.
Mage’s Melee:
All Mages entering this competition will face each other in a grand battle, with the last mage standing declared the winner. Once a mage is determined to be unable to cast spells he or she will be considered eliminated from the competition. Teams may only enter one spell caster to represent them in the Mage’s Melee.
Magical items, including potions and scrolls, and spells from the 9th circle are barred from this competition, as is the spell Dominate. Necromancy is strictly forbidden and anyone using necromancy in the battle will feel the full weight of the law descend upon them. Healers will be provided by the Nobility to ensure all combatants will be healed of all injury incurred during this competition.
Team Battle:
Three person teams will compete against each other in an all out melee.
Use of armor, mighty blows, shattering weapons, spells, or alchemical poisons is allowed for this competition. No magical items, including potions and scrolls, are allowed.
Last-team member standing wins. Once a person has rendered unable to fight (dropped, immobilized, rendered unconscious), they are not allowed to return to the field (i.e. team members cannot heal/cure each other once they are down).
Order of Light members & initiates will be required to be on hand to remove fallen combatants from the field and stabilize them. Referee will provide all healing needed after the battle.
Archers will compete in target shooting at various distances. Each contestant will get three arrows, totaling the score of all three shots. There will be 3 rounds, after each round the top 50% will move on. Ranking is determined by the combined score from all 3 rounds.
Teams may only enter one archer in the competition. Bow and arrows will be provided by the tournament.
The officiating Noble will announce this year’s prey whose skins are to be collected by the participants. At the close of the Hunt, the Judge will record the total number of skins collected by each entry, with the overall winner being the entry with the most skins. The over all scores will determine the winner of the hunt at the end of the tournament.
The officiating Noble will distribute a list of items to be collected by participants. The Judge will record the order in which Forage items are turned in, with faster results yielding more points. The over all scores will determine the winner of the Forage at the end of the tournament.
Artisan’s Exhibit:
Crafts of all sorts will be presented to the judges. Each entry will be given up to ten points based on the following qualities: quality, appearance, durability, creativity in presentation and assembly, quality of materials used, presentation, and explanation of how it was created. Teams may submit one entry for consideration in this event.
Bardic Competition:
The Nobility judges this competition, and those judges assigned by the Noble officiating the tournament. Each entry will entertain the assembled peoples for up to 5 minutes.
Teams may only submit one entry into the Bardic competition.
Participants compete in a competition of answering riddles, with the most correct answers determining the winner.
Teams may compete as a unit, but judges will only accept one answer per riddle from each team.
Legerdemain Challenge:
Participants will be judged on speed & dexterity of opening a trap. Individuals will be given a total of ten minutes to disarm the trap using their own tools (individuals may borrow tool sets from others if able). The winner will be the person who disarms the trap in the shortest period. If no one disarms the trap, there will be no winner. If there is only one person who disarms the trap, there will be only one winner, and so on.
Teams may only enter one person to represent them in this competition.

Local Businessman Gives Back to Community

(TIMES STAFF) Goodman Zymm Greye, proprietor of the Three Brothers Tavern and prominent local businessman, recently announced the establishment of the Theron Soulsfire Relief Fund. This fund would consist of money consisting of a percentage of the profits of the Three Brothers Tavern, used to help those who have had their lives devastated by the plague and war. "The fund will be used to feed the needy, and to educate the youth of Caldaria. The fund will be. . . in honor of Flatdog, who went out his way to bring food to the people of Caldaria. He was truly an inspiration to us all," said Zymm.
The Lindall Times applauds the generosity of the owner of the Three Brothers in his efforts for the betterment of Caldaria, and also honors the memory of Theron Soulsfire, who did much to aid Lindall and the barony in its time of need.

Dangerous Times

By Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
At this point I am sure that we do not need to be reminded of the dangers around us. I will make a reminder of another sort.
Several times during our last gathering strangers entered our midst, several of which had malicious intent. I would recommend to the citizens of Lindall that we be careful what information we provide to those we do not know.
Several of our townspeople may be targeted for assault in the future and we must protect them, not only with our blades and spells but also with our minds.
Keep these thoughts close while you go about our daily life. They may aid some of our brethren greatly.

By My Own Hand,
Scribe Riddick Dale

Undead Battle at the Fire

By Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
Shortly before the fire was to begin on the Saturday night of our last gathering, a large horde of undead attacked the fire pit location. Several brave adventurers did battle with the undead despite being heavily outnumbered. After the arrival of the remainder of the adventurers of Lindall the fight continued for what seemed an endless period of time. Fortunately, no one was forced to resurrect during the encounter.
I have yet to uncover an information as to the source of the undead, nor have I been able to draw a connection between these creatures and the letter that need not be named.
I would like to take a moment at this point to give a reminder to the townsfolk about some of the documented strengths and weaknesses of various types of undead. Celestial scholars should be warned to not waste their ice spells against them, as they are ineffective. Also, many undead are either immune to or at the very least resistant to normal weapons. If these undead continue to attack with such ferocity, which is very likely, then it would be a wise decision to silver our weapons when possible.
If you lack the ability to have your weapon silvered see one of the local blacksmiths for assistance and pricing arrangements.

By My Own Hand,
Scribe Riddick Dale

Basic Training

By Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
At 10 bells on Saturday of our last gathering, several new recruits to the Royal Army of Caldaria gathered for their morning of basic training. Being one of the men in attendance, I will say I felt a strong bond of camaraderie build between us all during the rigorous exercises.
The training began with the instruction, and practice, of several marching formations. After several botched attempts, we succeeded in marching correctly.
The remainder of the training consisted of various exercises designed to sharpen the mind and body. First, the two strongest amongst us were chosen. Those two were then asked to feign death and the remainder of the recruits was asked to move them to "saftey," using only our left arms. Lastly, an obstacle course was constructed using chairs and string. Two volunteers were chosen and asked to navigate the course blindfolded. Their only guides were various other recruits who were forced to lead them while several of them were silenced, pinned, webbed or otherwise detained. The lessons learned in communication and teamwork on this day will be impossible to forget.

By My Own Hand,
Scribe Riddick Dale

News from the Order of Light

By Master Li Kenji, Lindall Order of Light
The Lindall Order of Light wishes to acknowledge Goodmen Drake and Grugarr, and Goodwoman Ti'anna as new Apprentices to the Order. Over the next few months, these three candidates will be observed and tested on their knowledge of Earth Magic, intelligent completion of guild tasks, and ability to make wise choices for themselves and those around them in times of need and moral uncertainty. We welcome these three with best wishes for enlightenment and success in their chosen path.
I am proud of the efforts made this past Gathering against the magic stealers. We prevented many needless Resurrections in that final push to close the rift. We thank Goodman Varen for the sacrifice of his life to save the life and wisdom of the Osprey Elder know to us as Old Father so he may continue to guide and heal the hearts of his people. Squire Gnazz and Goodman Grugarr bravely fought and fell in that same effort, but successfully Resurrected. Their bravery is also to be commended.
Sadly, other Resurrections that must be reported come from the result of willfully committed crimes.
Goodman Lyle Zaradan was the victim of murder at the hands of a Stone Elf masquerading as the nephew of the former Magistrate. We must not become paranoid of all those we do not know based on the actions of a few. Yet I would caution us all to remain closer to our companions and see to their well being in these trying times.
As many of us are also aware, Goodman Varen and Goodwoman Naoko were executed for the crime of Treason, per order of Sir Nathan, for attempting to communicate with a'Thales Haven, who himself is wanted for Treason and other crimes. By making our homes here in Caldaria, we thereby agree to subject ourselves to the laws and judgements dictated by her Nobles. Ignorance of the law is not a crime, but neither is it an excuse in the face of offense. Please become aware of the laws of this land, and weigh carefully your actions in light of them. Copies of the "Traveler's Guide to Caldaria" are available in the Order of Light, and with many of the adventuring teams from which to learn. Remember, one can always seek out a member of the nobility, particularly the Order of the Golden Flame, for further clarification to your questions. Guide your actions with thoughtful meditation and prudence so no one else needs to Resurrect for lack of wisdom.
The longest journey begins from where you stand.
Master Li Kenji
Lindall Order of Light

Warning Report

By Gnazz Sunderdragon, Guest Writer
Citizens of Dardanos, I write in report of warnings to be noted in the area. First I will begin this report with good news. The wild elf inhabitants of these lands are now engaged in peaceful relations with the Nobility of Dardanos. As such, no citizen should attack, capture, or in any other way harm the wild elf people. All problems should be brought to the proper authorities. The wild elf peoples are to be considered citizens, as such all laws of the Crown and Barony apply to them. Any citizen of Dardanos found breaking the laws will be handled accordingly.
The magical mud creatures have been dispatched. The wild elf elders aided us in locating the necessary item for closing the rift. The closing of the rift required more than the item the elders had shown us. It also required a sacrifice, which the wild elf people were willing to make. But it was not the wild elves who would make that sacrifice. Goodman Varen of the adventurer’s class in Lindall sacrificed himself willingly to close the rift that was allowing these creatures to spill into our lands. As I have said before, it is the actions of people like this who will ensure that these warning reports read with more good news than bad.
The Kurzinnor are still a problem for us. At the moment the Barony of Gronkar is burdening the weight of the Kurzinnor at our southern borders. Specific details can not be given at this time, however, if there are any able-bodied men who wish to join the ranks of the Royal Army of Caldaria to ensure the safety of our homes then please seek out membership at your nearest military post. The 19th Stephanos Rangers are also in need of soldiers. If you are around Lindall seek out Vintenar Major Bangor if you are interested in enlisting with the rangers.
There have been no sightings of the shadow creatures. I still do not believe this to be good news. It is my opinion we will be seeing more of these shadow creatures so be wary of any persons not acting like themselves. Should anyone appear considerably out of the ordinary, please inform your local authorities. Do not attempt to handle the situation on your own.
I will close this report with a warning not to the citizens of Dardanos but to a select few that seem to be trying to make a name for themselves. It has become apparent that people believe they may make themselves money by profiting off of the misfortunes of others. Such examples of this are people who believe they may scam the commoners with use of alchemy into believing that they have a cure for the plague. Another instance of this would be people calling themselves "professional treasure hunters". Let it be known, the laws of the Crown and Barony still apply no matter what you are doing. Those breaking the law will be treated accordingly.
Finally, remember, believe half of what you see and almost none of what you hear. Many people have gotten themselves in to a lot of trouble lately as a result of rumors they heard. I encourage all people to make sure what you believe is true before acting.

Gnazz Sunderdragon of the BloodTalon,
Squire to Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos
Oikos of Menathenia, Thastra
Patria of Aurela, Thastra

The Royal Army needs YOU!

The 19th Stephanos Rangers Regiment is currently recruiting! We are seeking men and women; warriors, scouts, mages and healers; people of integrity and honor to serve their duchy and kingdom in its time of need. Enlistment terms are a minimum of one year.
Basic Training for new recruits will be taking place periodically throughout the year. See any member of the Royal Army of Caldaria for information on how to enlist.

Vintenar Major Bangor, Adjutant
19th Stephanos Rangers

Dhara’s Readings

All throughout our past gathering Dhara Ghillie performed readings through her Divination cards. All are encouraged to take advantage of this service as many have found it most entertaining. Also, in this time of confusion, it can be considered beneficial to consider options or plans that you may not have considered. This is a most excellent source for those types of thoughts.

By My Own Hand,
Scribe Riddick Dale

Editorial Note

The Lindall Times expresses its thanks to all submissions provided to the news organization from local writers. However, the editors believe that all articles written for The Lindall Times should use the King’s language. There is no reason to believe that the 25th letter of the King’s alphabet is necromantic. If it was, the King would have issued a proclamation stating such to be the case—and the Order of Light and the Order of the Golden Flame would of course do the same. Therefore the Lindall Times has decided to edit all submissions that omit the 25th letter of the King’s alphabet, and include it where proper.

Jack Burroughs
Chief Executive Editor

Royal Arcanum

The Royal Arcanum of Lindall offers several services to all citizens and visitors. Please note that at this time the Royal Arcanum does not have set hours of business. If you wish to have business with the Royal Arcanum and the building is unoccupied please seek out one of its members to help you.
Magical Items
Detection of magic [available twice each day]Free
Evaluation of an item’s true value1 copper piece
Identification of magical properties [item or person]2 silver pieces
Buying and selling of magical itemsNegotiable
Spell Knowledge
Teaching of minor Celestial magic [from 1st to 4th level]Free
Teaching of greater Celestial magic [from 5th to 9th level]1 gold crown
Use of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 silver piece
Use of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 silver pieces
Selling of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 gold crown
Selling of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 gold crowns
Spell ink3 copper pieces per spell per level
Buying of spell booksNegotiable
Battle Magic Scrolls
Casting of a spell from a battle magic scrollFree
Casting of a Ward spell1 gold crown
Casting of a Lesser Investment spell1 gold crown
Selling of battle magic scrolls15 copper pieces per level or by demand
Buying of battle magic scrolls8 copper pieces per level or by demand
Trading of battle magic scrolls1 copper piece per level or by demand
Ritual Magics
Translation of ritual scroll2 silver pieces
Selling of ritual scrollsNegotiable
Buying of ritual scrolls1 gold crown per level or by demand
Spell-crafting of ritual magics [requires 10 days notice]1 gold crown per reagent required or by demand
Casting of ritual magicsNegotiable
Buying of ritual reagents1 gold crown
Buying of ritual catalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable

Membership within the Royal Arcanum is available to all who travel within Lindall. Benefits include discounted cost for goods and services, and the potential to earn rank within the Royal Arcanum. Please seek out one of its members if you are interested.
Business with the Royal Arcanum is always considered private unless all parties involved wish otherwise.
Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.
For sale:
Spell Ink5 copper commons per spell level
Full Earth spell book10 gold crowns
Potions1 silver noble per level
Ritual Magics:
Spell-crafting of ritualsBy demand
Casting of rituals1 gold crown per difficulty level
Items purchased/traded:
PotionsBought at 5 copper commons per level
Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only
Ritual Scrolls1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)
Ritual Reagents1 gold crown each
Ritual CatalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable
Necromantic ItemsNecromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.
Interested parties should please see Master Li Kenji.

News From Around the Kingdom

Bay of Arphynes: His Majesty’s Sloop Lycosura was declared missing recently after it failed to return from a patrol off the coast of Ordin. The Royal Navy is downplaying any possible attack by the Kurzinnor, but rather say it was more likely that the Lycosura was lost during a storm. The Lycosura had a crew of 64.
Creis: Responding to rumors that horses have been seen to Wildlands east of the Caldarian Mountains, Baroness Marina II has sent a delegation led by one of her knights to determine the truthfulness of these rumors, and if true, to attempt to procure horses for the kingdom. Since the plague wiped out nearly all of the horse population of Caldaria, the few remaining horses are owned by the King or the Barony of Nykia.
Atharos: Following up on a previous report in the Times, the village of Steadwick has undergone another rash of disappearances, this time resulting in the disappearance of approximately two dozens farmers and commoners. Again, no one has resurrected, and no permanently dead bodies have been found. The inhabitants of Steadwick are reportedly in a state of panic.