The Lindall Times

July edition, 38th year of His Majesty's reign, 503 C.R.

Kurzinnor Army Defeated in Vestria!

(TIMES STAFF) In what is being called the Battle of Talomir Spur, the Royal Army of Caldaria fought a major battle last month against the forces of Kurzinnor. After a battle lasting more than ten hours, the Royal Army was victorious, destroying the Kurzinnor attack force and killing well over a thousand Kurzinnor.
The battle took place in the Barony of Dargonas, approximately ten miles south of Talomir Keep in the Barony of Nykia.
Reports from the front indicated that the Kurzinnor Army had been planning this attack for some time, and they finally attacked the Royal Army’s positions in northern Vestria on the 15th of last month. A much smaller force invaded the Barony of Dardanos, attacking its capital of Lindall. This force was also defeated. (see separate story in this edition: Kurzinnor Routed from Attacks on Dardanos)
The Kurzinnor Force had sent several probing attacks against the lines of the Royal Army over the past few weeks, but on the 15th, they attacked in a massive wedge, aiming their forces directly for the center of the Caldarian lines, directly at the 6th Ordin Infantry. The Caldarian line faltered and nearly broke under the onslaught of Kurzinnor monsters, ranging from War Trolls to powerful Golems.
Knight Centenar Lorentia Ordin of the 6th Ordin Infantry Regiment suffered her final death in the fighting as she tried to hold the line to give time for reinforcements to arrive. Reports are that the 6th Ordin has all but been destroyed, but their mission was successful in that their sacrifice gave time for the 11th Stephanos Infantry, the 29th Demos Casters, and the 12th Caldarian Infantry to arrive and wipe out the Kurzinnor attackers.
There were several attacks on other Royal Army positions along the front, but most of those appear to have been diversionary attacks, attempting to draw attention away from the main attack on the 6th Ordin.
Caldarian casualties have been heavy, with over a thousand deaths reported, at least three hundred of them permanent deaths. The Royal Army has since been consolidating its position.
This attack marks the first time that Kurzinnor have attempted to engage a large-scale assault on the Caldarian lines in three years.

Kurzinnor Routed From Attacks On Dardanos!

(TIMES STAFF) Never since the Barony of Dardanos was finally settled have its people seen the scourge of war firsthand. Only since the Plague and this second great war with the Kurzinnor decimated the population have these lands become threatened by invasion. Today, the people of Lindall cheer in celebration of the successful defense of the Barony from the first test of its defenses against the evil Kurzinnor Hordes!
As the events of the Warrior’s Vigil came towards a close, the people of Lindall prepared for invasion. Information obtained from members of the 19th Stephanos Rangers stationed in Lindall spoke of a planned raid on Lindall by the Kurzinnor early on the final day of the vigil. The people of Lindall, and many visitors to Caldaria, prepared for the coming assault. Local mages all opted to bow out of the spell casting portion of the games to conserve their spells, healing potions were distributed to the warriors, and Sir Nathan dispatched scouts to watch the various roads into the town to give fair warning of the direction of the Kurzinnor attack.
Standing as a solid line the people of Lindall met the onslaught of Kurzinnor Orcs, Trolls, necromancers, and several powerful Bone Golems. Though the battle raged fierce under the hot sun, the people of Lindall stood bravely and fought back the hordes of the Kurzinnor and soundly won the day! After the fighting Sir Nathan gathered the warriors around and celebrated their victory. It was also announced that from the leader of the Kurzinnor forces ordered had been found targeting several of the local warriors by name, suggesting the Kurzinnor had gathered some intelligence on the people of Lindall. At this time The Lindall Times does not have complete knowledge of the citizens so targeted.
While the people of Lindall fought to defend their town, they were unaware of a second and much larger battle being waged several miles to the west, towards the borders of the Barony of Phylon. It seems that the attack upon Lindall itself was meant as a distraction to occupy the local adventurers while the greater force of Kurzinnor Orcs attempted to flank the Barony, with orders to set the fields on fire and cause as much devastation to the citizens as possible.
Thankfully for all of Caldaria, a large force of Nykian Legionnaires led by Sir Ansari Arash Nykia, Lord of House Nykia, met this second force by surprise and crushed them in a fierce battle. Recently this force from Nykia was sent to Dardanos to serve as a peacekeeping force to assist the crippled House Dardanos maintain order within the Barony and has been camped in the area awaiting acceptance of their offer from Sir Nathan. Sir Ansari, a veteran from the first Kurzinnor war, and his honor guard have remained in western Dardanos awaiting reinforcements to arrive in the area.

Tournament Happenings

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
During our last gathering the town of Lindall reinstated the age-old tradition of the Warrior’s Vigil. The competition was quite fierce and the results were incredibly close.
I am pleased to say that, despite the competition, when danger to the town and the surrounding area was presented; the brave adventurer’s of Lindall were able to see beyond the tournament and deal with the threat.
This can best be illustrated through the events before the Mage’s Melee event, which was to take place on the third day of our last gathering. During the previous night several adventurers gathered intelligence that led them to the fact that the Kurzinnor forces were planning an attack at some point during the last day of our gathering. Upon receiving this information many of the town’s most powerful casters agreed to kneel out of the competition to preserve their skills for the true battle that was coming. These acts most certainly brought light to what could have been a dark day in Lindall.
(Editor’s Note: Due to delays in the printing process, a fuller account of the Tournament has been deferred to a future issue of the Times)

Shadow Lord Attacks Lindall!

(TIMES STAFF) Amidst the celebration of the Warrior’s Vigil, the creature responsible for the death of Sir Andarias Dardanos, known to the local populace as the “Shadow Lord,” appeared in the center of Lindall with a wave of magical energy that sent several citizens flying. The creature loudly proclaimed that it was seeking the citizen Issalura and Lyle, a frequent visitor to Lindall. It then set about wandering the town looking for them, growing angrier at each failed attempt to locate them. The creature was even seen destroying Wards in efforts to search homes for the two!
With the whereabouts of its quarry unknown, the people of Lindall tried to parlay with the creature at a distance hoping it would leave without incident, except for the chimpanzee Kin Enko who attacked the creature, and was subjected to bursts of necromantic energy from the creature’s claws. Eventually the creature’s anger rose more and more before it loudly declared the town of Lindall to be "condemned" and dozens of the feared Shadow Beasts emerged from the creature and attacked the populace.
The battle with the Shadow Beasts was fierce and many of the good citizens of Lindall were possessed by the foul creatures and turned upon their fellow citizens. Soon pockets of warriors had been backed into the remaining wards and many brave warriors were struggling to hold their ground outside of the Order of Light circle. It was then that out from the road came Lyle and Issalura. With them were the two beings known as Guardians. The four newcomers furiously attacked the shadows. Issalura and Lyle’s blades shimmered in the darkness and struck the Shadow Beasts down in a burst of light with a single blow!
Still the tide was against the people of Lindall and the Shadow Lord joined in the attack upon seeing the two for the first time. Just when it looked as if the warriors of Lindall would be overrun, the Guardians grabbed each Issalura and Lyle, and the four disappeared in a flash of light. The Shadow Lord reportedly become enraged at this point and vowed to catch them, it too rifted away to parts unknown.
The departure of the Shadow Lord did not herald the end of the battle, for many Shadow Beasts still roamed the town and many of the people of Lindall still remained possessed by the creatures. The citizens spent a long period of time trying to organize and rally against the creatures, but were spread thin throughout the town. Master Li Kenji used the hospitality of the Order of Light to mount as many rescue operations as the weary adventures could perform to reclaim the fallen and possessed.
With the passing of nearly a half hour, the end to the ordeal came about with the return of Issalura, Lyle, and the Guardians. Outside of the Order of Light Issalura and the Guardian "Otto" appeared and led the rally of the people there to slay the remaining monsters. Meanwhile, Lyle and the Guardian “Rain” appeared near The Three Brothers tavern and led the rally in the lower part of the town until all of the creatures had been slain and the people of Lindall freed from possession.
Master Kenji reported that, by some unknown twist of fortune, no citizens resurrected as a result of the battle. The Lindall Times has been charged with issuing the obvious warning that these creatures are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. It is still unknown what these creatures want with the people of Lindall, or what the Shadow Lord’s threat of condemning the town entails.

A Word Regarding the Shadow Beasts

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
After pondering some of the statements made by the leader of the Shadow Beasts, I believe that it may be possible for certain people to summon them forth by speaking about them. While I am not sure what granted these Shadow Beasts this particular power, I am concerned for the Town of Lindall’s safety when they are present. I would respectfully ask that those people who have dealt with these creatures in the past not speak of these dealings unless it is necessary. This will help minimize the risk to the adventurers of Lindall.

Warning Report

By Gnazz Sunderdragon, Guest Writer
It seems I will never start a warning report with an actual warning. This month it will begin with congratulations. Liand'aara Farwynd-Ivyshade, known to many simply as Aara has recently been Squired to the Seneschal Sir Nathan. I am proud to be her fellow comrade, friend and Squire. It is my sincerest hope that she will take up my charge in writing these warning reports, because I must be away for quite some time. The Barony of Dardanos will be a better place with the addition of Squire Aara. Please give her the congratulations, respect and support she needs to serve the Barony well.
For new warnings this month, I am very saddened to say that we will be revisiting some old ground it seems. The jail was recently overrun and many of its prisoners have escaped. I do not have complete details on what happened however crime in the area has been increasing. Please take care when traveling at nights.
The Kurzinnor have decided to make a push into the Barony. They were recently thwarted in Lindall on the afternoon of Sunday the 15th 503 CR. It is my belief that we will see increased attacks from them. They are a vicious force and if any are spotted they should be reported to your local authorities so that the army can get better information on their movements. I would like to add something personal with regards to the Kurzinnor. Having my name passed out for targeted attacks will not scare me. I do not fear death, and will fight you with my last breath and if I have died with sufficient honor I hope my spirit will continue to fight you in glorious battle from the world beyond. So long as there is one person who needs protection from your honor less war, I will be there to fight you.
The shadows have returned in force. It seems their leader, one who is called the Shadow lord. He has apparently condemned Lindall after which it was ransacked by shadows. If shadows are found, it has been determined in the past that Light and Dispel Magic spells act like a death spell cast upon the living. This is still true. I believe this is an enemy we will have much trouble with. Many townsfolk were possessed by the shadows as has happened in the past. As always be aware of people not acting themselves who appear to have malicious intentions.
I would like to encourage the citizens of the lands to aid any of the Wild Elves that we have recently come to peace with should they need it. They are a good people and I am glad we have found resolution to the problems that were had. I had the pleasure of meeting one by the name of sweet grass at the tournament. I implore you all to get to know them if you do not know them already.
Please also make sure to do more than take what you hear as truth. Rumors abound and can cause you much trouble if you do not get the proper information. Only bad things can come from being uninformed.
Finally, I would like to invite any citizens who have a desire to learn the laws of the land in more detail to attend classes being held by Professor Fleagle. I apologize to the Professor if I have spelled his name wrong. He will be holding classes in Lindall and requests that only those with the ability to read and write attend.
Citizens, I bid you safe journeys. I am saddened that I will not be able to make battle against those that threaten our people with my trident for some time. But I will return and I hope to do so finding you all in good keeping as I am sure you will be.

Gnazz Sunderdragon of the BloodTalon,
Squire to Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos
Oikos of Menathenia, Thastra
Patria of Aurela, Thastra

New Squire in Lindall

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Guest Writer
During our last gathering several bandits made an attempt on Sir Nathan’s life. In a heroic attempt to protect him Guard Aara was killed. While she did resurrect successfully, several people made note of her sacrifice. As a result of this Sir Nathan made her his Squire.
I was fortunate to be able to ask Squire Aara several questions:

Riddick: Are you happy being a squire?
Squire Aara: Yes.

Riddick: What does being a Squire mean to you?
Squire Aara: It means that I will be able to learn a great deal from someone who is very strong and brave.

Riddick: What made you decide to take the path to nobility?
Squire Aara: I am not really pursuing the path to nobility; I am just doing what I can to help people.

Riddick: Is there anyone who has inspired you in your life that has led you to this path?
Squire Aara: I can only hope my father would be proud.

Riddick: What do you think of Sir Nathan?
Squire Aara: Sir Nathan is a strong warrior and very worthy of respect. I feel I can learn a great deal from him.

Riddick: How does it feel to be entrusted with his blade?
Squire Aara: It feels like I can help people more efficiently, Though I feel more comfortable with Sir Nathan having it as he is the more accomplished warrior.

Riddick: When we locate the Baroness. . . and Sir Nathan retires will you follow him? Or will you remain to be trained and eventually knighted by our Lady Baroness?
Squire Aara: That depends on what Sir Nathan wishes, he is my Knight I will do what he asks.

It is the opinion of this writer that Sir Nathan has chosen a truly exceptional individual as a squire. Lindall can expect great things from her.

The Royal Army needs YOU!

The 19th Stephanos Rangers Regiment is currently recruiting! We are seeking men and women; warriors, scouts, mages and healers; people of integrity and honor to serve their duchy and kingdom in its time of need. Enlistment terms are a minimum of one year.
Basic Training for new recruits will be taking place periodically throughout the year. See any member of the Royal Army of Caldaria for information on how to enlist.

Vintenar Major Bangor, Adjutant
19th Stephanos Rangers

Royal Arcanum

The Royal Arcanum of Lindall offers several services to all citizens and visitors. Please note that at this time the Royal Arcanum does not have set hours of business. If you wish to have business with the Royal Arcanum and the building is unoccupied please seek out one of its members to help you.
Magical Items
Detection of magic [available twice each day]Free
Evaluation of an item’s true value1 copper piece
Identification of magical properties [item or person]2 silver pieces
Buying and selling of magical itemsNegotiable
Spell Knowledge
Teaching of minor Celestial magic [from 1st to 4th level]Free
Teaching of greater Celestial magic [from 5th to 9th level]1 gold crown
Use of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 silver piece
Use of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 silver pieces
Selling of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 gold crown
Selling of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 gold crowns
Spell ink3 copper pieces per spell per level
Buying of spell booksNegotiable
Battle Magic Scrolls
Casting of a spell from a battle magic scrollFree
Casting of a Ward spell1 gold crown
Casting of a Lesser Investment spell1 gold crown
Selling of battle magic scrolls15 copper pieces per level or by demand
Buying of battle magic scrolls8 copper pieces per level or by demand
Trading of battle magic scrolls1 copper piece per level or by demand
Ritual Magics
Translation of ritual scroll2 silver pieces
Selling of ritual scrollsNegotiable
Buying of ritual scrolls1 gold crown per level or by demand
Spell-crafting of ritual magics [requires 10 days notice]1 gold crown per reagent required or by demand
Casting of ritual magicsNegotiable
Buying of ritual reagents1 gold crown
Buying of ritual catalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable

Membership within the Royal Arcanum is available to all who travel within Lindall. Benefits include discounted cost for goods and services, and the potential to earn rank within the Royal Arcanum. Please seek out one of its members if you are interested.
Business with the Royal Arcanum is always considered private unless all parties involved wish otherwise.
Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.
For sale:
Spell Ink5 copper commons per spell level
Full Earth spell book10 gold crowns
Potions1 silver noble per level
Ritual Magics:
Spell-crafting of ritualsBy demand
Casting of rituals1 gold crown per difficulty level
Items purchased/traded:
PotionsBought at 5 copper commons per level
Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only
Ritual Scrolls1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)
Ritual Reagents1 gold crown each
Ritual CatalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable
Necromantic ItemsNecromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.
Interested parties should please see Master Li Kenji.

News From Around the Kingdom

Chapultec: Baronial forces celebrated the successful raid on the camp of a group of Wild Elves identified as a radical faction of the Osprey tribe wanted on counts of treason and murder for recent actions within the Barony of Dardanos. Several of the elves died in the raid, although most of the criminals have been imprisoned in the Baronial dungeons following a brief trial. A spokesman for House Chapultec stated that the Household was very pleased with the outcome of the raid, despite the fact that the leader of these elves, "Nine Trolls," remains at large.
Thurgos: Baroness Alicia Thurgos IV announced that her knights have recently broken up a spy ring in the barony. She announced that she is certain that the spies, whom it is believed to have been working for Kurzinnor, have all been rooted out and eliminated. The Baroness ended her announcement by assuring the people that the barony was once again safe from danger.