The Lindall Times

Special August edition, 38th year of His Majesty's reign, 503 C.R.

Kurzinnor Army Unleashes Massive Attack!

(TIMES STAFF) Mere weeks after the Battle of the Talomir Spur, the Kurzinnor have launched another major assault on the Caldarian positions in northern Vestria.
Reports from the front are sketchy, but it appears that the Kurzinnor attacked every Caldarian position simultaneously with near overwhelming force, tying up every sector such that the Caldarian forces were hard pressed to support each other. Casualties from the battle line appear to be extremely heavy—much more so than during the Battle of the Talomir Spur. There is speculation that some regiments of the Royal Army may have been completely wiped out.
The Kurzinnor unleashed large numbers of varied troops in the battle, from Kobolds to Orcs to Trolls, and after nightfall, waves of undead lead their attacks.
After the Kurzinnor defeat at the Battle of the Talomir Spur, it was widely speculated that the Kurzinnor had believed they could break through the Caldarian lines in the last battle, and their defeat would cause them to reconsider their plans for months if not until next year.
It appears now that the speculation was wildly off the mark, and that the Kurzinnor were merely testing the Caldarian defenses, and only now are they sending large numbers of forces into fight. Reports are that the Caldarian line was overrun in several places, and that Kurzinnor forces have been pouring into Stephanos. The breaches in the lines have since been closed, but an unknown number of Kurzinnor forces are now present in Stephanos.
When asked about which units of the Royal Army have been engaged in the battle, a Centenar with the 9th Alexios Infantry replied, "All of them." Along with the Royal Army, the armed forces of various Duchies and Baronies have been participating as well, notably the Nykian Legions and the Stephanos Ducal Guards.
While the breaches have been sealed by a reorganization of the Caldarian lines, as we go to print, the battle continues to be fought as troops from both sides engage in small raiding sorties to capture ground along the front.

Kurzinnor Infiltrators

In addition to the massive attack upon the Royal Army, apparently the Kurzinnor have been attempting to infiltrate large numbers of troops through gaps in the Caldarian lines into the duchy of Stephanos. Rather than organizing them into large military formations, these groups appear to be purposely small to enhance their stealth, so that they might more easily infiltrate the Caldarian lines.
Many of these Kurzinnor are believed to be infiltrating the Barony of Dardanos via the Lindon Forest, under cover of darkness.
Large numbers of Kobolds have been seen, along with goblins and Orcs. These forces have been attacking citizens wherever they find them, and laying waste to farms.
There are reports that various farmers throughout the barony have formed a militia and taken up arms to fight the invaders, with mixed success. One farmer said, "If it weren’t for the Azure Fog trainin’ us and all, we’d have been in a world of hurt. At least now we’s got a fightin’ chance."
While not revealing any specifics, an officer with the 19th Stephanos Rangers said that "Steps are being taken to ensure the safety of the people of Dardanos." Considering that Kurzinnor troops at times seem to be more prevalent in the Lindon Forest than those of the Royal Army, one can only speculate if these words are mere empty bravado.
All citizens are advised to exercise extreme caution, and if unable to fight, to do everything possible to avoid the Kurzinnor troops. All citizens are instructed to report the sighting of any Kurzinnor troops to the authorities immediately.


(TIMES STAFF) On Friday night of the June forum, a night janitor came running into Lindall looking for help from the adventurers as apparently someone within the baronial jails, which were overflowing due to the Baroness' "everyone goes to jail" strategy, had staged an uprising and criminals were escaping and the guards were besieged by undead.
The brave adventurers, led by Nix, accompanied the janitor, who bolted into the woods at the sight of the undead, to the jail to rescue any guards who were left alive. Reports from the jail tell us that the adventurers had to fight tooth and nail through packs of undead that were milling around the place. Eventually they stumbled upon a guard who had literally trapped himself in a room. He apparently hoped that any shambling zombies would set off the traps and he would remain safe. Once the guard learned the adventurers weren't undead, or an escaped convict come to finish him off, he told a harrowing tale of guard incompetence leading to a convicted necromancer manifesting aura and taking down and then raising some of the guards as undead. That lead to the general bedlam that allowed all sorts of other miscreants to escape.
The adventurers stayed and helped ensure that all the undead were destroyed, and that there were no criminals running around, then helped the brave guard leave the jail so that he could report to the warden what had occurred. There was no need for any guards anymore since everyone was either dead or escaped.
The Times has learned that at least one guard suffered his permanent death at the hands of these villainous bastards. We are left to wonder about the safety of our barony now. With the Kurzinnor attacking later that same weekend, will the barony be overrun? The staff here has managed to compile a partial list of the criminals who were incarcerated in the jail. As our military and noble forces are concentrated on the southern border, all watchmen and citizens are encouraged to keep an eye out for the following criminals:
For those that might not remember Chessel was convicted for Necromancy. Chessel was the former Master of Light in Hedgewood before that entire town was wiped out from the plague. Apparently the loss of all of his friends and loved ones drove Chessel insane, and he began to raise people as undead, claiming he had cured the plague in them. The adventurers of Lindall discovered this last spring when the followed the undead dragging corpses back to Hedgewood and destroyed the abominations.

The following individuals were members of the Broken Circle Bandits, no one needs to remind the citizens of Dardanos the terror and destruction that this group caused:
For those of you that might not remember Aydin was convicted of Treason in a plot to assassinate the Baron Clavious Dardanos, the Baroness’ late father. The plot was discovered and foiled by now Lord Jaden, which was led to his promotion from squire to knight.
Jolia Fahmar
Convicted of Battery against her spouse.
Harv Ey
Convicted of Mockery of a Noble Title, repeat offender
Rom Toleo
Convicted of Theft and Battery, the infamous Romantic Bandit who would woo ladies with gifts and jewelry stolen paid for with money stolen from their spouses.
Ida Moonrunner
Convicted of Manslaughter for refusing to provide healing to a neighboor whose house had been attacked by goblins because they had been quarrling for 2 years over a spoon.
Tarin & Elow Ibstau
Convicted of Slavery, the husband and wife team ran one of the largest scavenger & sarr slaver rings out of the Lindon Forest. They used a variety of tactics including alchemical means to capture citizens of Caldaria and to sell them into slavery, even to some of the monster tribes from the area.
Fou Bouche
Convicted of Murder and Arson, the Burning Man terrorized Dardanos years ago, when armed with plenty of dispel scrolls he would sneak around and break into peoples houses, kill them while they were sleeping and then burn the house down. He would always leave his telltale mark of silhouette of a man drawn in ash outside the house.

Anyone encountering these criminals should either inform the proper authorities, and if possible subdue but do not kill these criminals.