The Lindall Times

September edition, 38th year of His Majesty's reign, 503 C.R.

Kurzinnor in Dardanos Repulsed!

(TIMES STAFF) Early in the morning following the recent forum (see related story later in this edition) the Lindall Ranger detachment came upon a large encampment of Kurzinor while on regular patrol. Withdrawing quietly in the face of the much larger force, the Rangers dispatched messengers to nearby Lindall while keeping the camp under observation.
With the majority of the Royal Army occupied further to the south, the task of vanquishing the foul invaders fell to the local civilians, under the capable leadership of Sir Nathan Leander. Fortunately, the residents and visitors to the town were able to advance in force before additional Kurzinnor forces joined with those in the camp.
Lack of on-site reporting of the battle prevents an accurate account of the conflict (see related story in this edition: Lindall Times welcomes new Reporter), but a collection of reports gathered by our sources tells a frightening tale of a battle balanced between two determined and capable forces, with victory within the reach of both sides during the fierce conflict.
The determination of Caldarian leadership supported by the conviction that the Caldarian cause is just was certainly a factor in the victorious outcome achieved by these fine people. The Times is thankful for the efforts of all of those who placed themselves between the invading Kurzinnor and the midsection of the Kingdom.
(Editorial note: The Times is aware of the contents of a certain letter recovered on the battlefield, and the uncertain interpretation of the significance of the contents. While we wish it were otherwise, we accept that the Kurzinnor have access to printed copies of the Times. For this reason, we will not engage in speculation about things we cannot prove, in order that our message cannot be misunderstood: The Kurzinnor will not prevail in the invasion of Caldaria, and this shall be made painfully evident to their forces, their allies, their leaders, and those who stand against what is right.)

Promotion within Order of Light

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Times Reporter
During our last gathering Master Li Kenji announced that Marra Page was promoted to Savant within the Order of Light in Lindall. Marra Page’s responsibilities have been increased, and as a result she has been invested in the permanent Earth Circle. Due to Master Kenji's busy schedule she was unable to answer my questions regarding this promotion. However, this writer intends to interview both Master Kenji and Marra Page regarding this topic within the upcoming months.

Fire Ant Research Continues

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Times Reporter
On the Saturday of our last gathering a scientist who has been researching a way to coexist peacefully with the Fire Ants in the area surrounding Lindall arrived seeking out both Poalo Oscarot and myself. She informed the two of us about a nest that she had found and requested our aid in investigating it. While preparing for the expedition and gathering members of the Phalanx, a greater line of logic halted my strategy. The great warrior Vree and the mighty hero Issalura came forth and volunteered for the adventure. They agreed with my small suggestion that Theodin Hammerfist go with them, and also selected Mugg and Nix for the party. Their presence made mine unnecessary, so I left the party under their able control. The party ventured forth into the lair of the fire ants and despite a great deal of battle was able to succeed in escorting the scientist to the Queen and allowing her to observe it.

Warning Report

By Squire Aara, Penned By: Scribe Riddick Dale
Since Squire Gnazz has temporarily left the area, he has asked that I take over this report.
The biggest threats I am currently aware of are that of the Shadow Beasts and the Kurzinnor, who we have recently have discovered may be working together. Both of these threats have been described in the past if you have not witnessed them yourself. (Scribe’s note: The Kurzinnor army consists of all manner of less civilized humanoids including goblinoids, orcs and trolls. It also tends to consist of various members of the citizen races who have for whatever reason joined the other side. Lastly, they tend to bring undead with them and necromancy is a common practice among them. The Shadowbeasts are strange insect-like creatures that seem to be composed of shadows. They strike in such a manner as to ignore the protection of armor. Extreme caution should be used when dealing with these two threats.) However, it seems that if one gives their spirit to these creatures they can be given special abilities, and still retain their ability to speak and act as themselves. The attempted assassination of one of the guardians as well as the Kurzinnor that had been in the battle of Shadowhook in April of 393 all were of this type. Be careful to watch for those that may have abilities beyond their means.
Also it seems that the Kurzinnor armies have come in close proximity to the Linden Forest, please be wary and keep to your homes if you do not have the ability to defend yourself. (Scribe’s note: It may also be wise to consider remaining within your homes even if you are capable of defending yourself. The Kurzinnor are a force to be reckoned with.)
Another threat worthy of mention is in the form of a magical rock that constantly changes color and shape. This rock has been identified as the source of the large and mutated creatures that have been attacking us recently. A group of adventurers including Lyle, Councilman Rhys, Loric, Poalo, Warlord Dugal and Varen, recently discovered that an insane wizard who can be identified by a large swelling mass on one side of his head is holding this rock. If you see this wizard, or someone matching this description, please bring it to the attention of the Town Watch. If you encounter any of the large creatures, find your way to safety as quickly as possible.

Lindall Times Welcomes New Reporter

(TIMES STAFF) Responding to the need for additional coverage of events taking place in and around Lindall, the Times staff is pleased to announce it has secured the services of an additional reporter.
Formerly a guest writer for this paper, trained in reading and writing, accomplished in battle, and completing his own research into the letter ‘Y’ , Scribe Riddick Dale is expected to be a fine addition to our staff.

Disaster Narrowly Avoided

(TIMES STAFF) Proving the wisdom in the saying “expect the unexpected”, the town of Lindall was faced with a need for rapid action when a rift opened in town recently. The sight of groups of Kurzinnor forces bursting from the woods and seeking to enter the rift gave added urgency to the need for a response. Who, then, can fault someone for making a decision in the heat of the moment that would bring near-disaster to the population?
Sources tell us that the town placed its forces between the mists of the rift and the Kurzinnor seeking to enter it – Kurzinnor who were soon discovered to be carrying documents stolen from our valiant military forces. Tragically, some of the Kurzinnor escaped into the mists before the defenses formed up.
When the mist began to close, a band of adventurers chose to pursue the escaped Kurzinnor into the mist, disappearing to an unknown location. A few hours later a second mist opened near the Three Brothers Tavern, and the band of adventurers (wounded and at least one near death) emerged under close pursuit by a strong Kurzinnor force.
After the town rallied to their defense and killed the pursuing Kurzinnor, the band of adventurers told a tale of emerging from the mist at a large encampment of Kurzinnor forces, and retreating into the mist under heavy assault by the guards of the enemy.
“It was one of those times when courage is separated from caution, and finds itself joined with impulsiveness” is how one source described the situation. While this reporter cannot judge the reasons why those adventurers entered the mists, there can be no denying the accuracy of the words of our source. Disaster was avoided this time.

A Trip to go see some Goblins

By Scribe Riddick Dale, Times Reporter
During the first evening of this gathering a single Goblin entered Lindall and began making claims that he and several of his goblin friends had captures our Duchess and were holding her hostage. Upon further interrogation, it was determined that the goblin was being less than truthful.
Lord Jayden requested that I, Scribe Riddick Dale, lead a group of adventurers into their encampment to help whoever these goblins had actually captured. The group included myself, Jin Mei, Gareth, Xith, Ondreij, Poalo and Tianna.
The encounter with the goblins was brief, as they attacked us on site. Fortunately, we were able to fight them back without suffering any losses on our side. After another brief skirmish at the entrance to their cave, we managed to defeat the lot of them and take back their captive.
After comforting her we found out that she was the daughter of a local farmer. After quickly escorting her home we then made an uneventful trek back towards Lindall.

The Royal Army needs YOU!

The 19th Stephanos Rangers Regiment is currently recruiting! We are seeking men and women; warriors, scouts, mages and healers; people of integrity and honor to serve their duchy and kingdom in its time of need. Enlistment terms are a minimum of one year.
Basic Training for new recruits will be taking place periodically throughout the year. See any member of the Royal Army of Caldaria for information on how to enlist.

Vintenar Major Bangor, Adjutant
19th Stephanos Rangers

Royal Arcanum

The Royal Arcanum of Lindall offers several services to all citizens and visitors. Please note that at this time the Royal Arcanum does not have set hours of business. If you wish to have business with the Royal Arcanum and the building is unoccupied please seek out one of its members to help you.
Magical Items
Detection of magic [available twice each day]Free
Evaluation of an item’s true value1 copper piece
Identification of magical properties [item or person]2 silver pieces
Buying and selling of magical itemsNegotiable
Spell Knowledge
Teaching of minor Celestial magic [from 1st to 4th level]Free
Teaching of greater Celestial magic [from 5th to 9th level]1 gold crown
Use of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 silver piece
Use of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 silver pieces
Selling of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 gold crown
Selling of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 gold crowns
Spell ink3 copper pieces per spell per level
Buying of spell booksNegotiable
Battle Magic Scrolls
Casting of a spell from a battle magic scrollFree
Casting of a Ward spell1 gold crown
Casting of a Lesser Investment spell1 gold crown
Selling of battle magic scrolls15 copper pieces per level or by demand
Buying of battle magic scrolls8 copper pieces per level or by demand
Trading of battle magic scrolls1 copper piece per level or by demand
Ritual Magics
Translation of ritual scroll2 silver pieces
Selling of ritual scrollsNegotiable
Buying of ritual scrolls1 gold crown per level or by demand
Spell-crafting of ritual magics [requires 10 days notice]1 gold crown per reagent required or by demand
Casting of ritual magicsNegotiable
Buying of ritual reagents1 gold crown
Buying of ritual catalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable

Membership within the Royal Arcanum is available to all who travel within Lindall. Benefits include discounted cost for goods and services, and the potential to earn rank within the Royal Arcanum. Please seek out one of its members if you are interested.
Business with the Royal Arcanum is always considered private unless all parties involved wish otherwise.
Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.
For sale:
Spell Ink5 copper commons per spell level
Full Earth spell book10 gold crowns
Potions1 silver noble per level
Ritual Magics:
Spell-crafting of ritualsBy demand
Casting of rituals1 gold crown per difficulty level
Items purchased/traded:
PotionsBought at 5 copper commons per level
Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only
Ritual Scrolls1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)
Ritual Reagents1 gold crown each
Ritual CatalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable
Necromantic ItemsNecromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.
Interested parties should please see Master Li Kenji.

News From Around the Kingdom

Leonidas: Duchess Catherine Leonidas announced this month the formation of the 3rd Leonidas Infantry Regiment, the newest addition to the Royal Army of Caldaria. The regiment is composed of soldiers recruited from all over the duchy. Duchess Catherine also announced that the regiment would be sent to the Kurzinnor front to support the other Royal Army units already fighting there.