The Lindall Times

October edition, 37th year of His Majesty's reign, 502 C.R.

Shargrór Defeated!

In a climactic battle on a rainy day in October, the goblin chieftain Shargrór was killed permanently due to the efforts of the adventurers of Lindall, led by Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos.
For the whole year, the goblin chieftain Shargrór has been terrorizing the citizens of the barony of Dardanos. His tribe, the Shargroar goblins, has attacked the town of Lindall several times this year. A faction of Shargroar goblins under the leadership of the goblin spellcaster Slagwort attempted to poison the River Lindon in the spring, while Shargrór led his forces on a rampage throughout the barony.
An attempt to burn the Lindon forest was foiled last month, as Baroness Lanthlidis led the adventurers of Lindall into the forest to stop the goblins before they could effect their plan.
It was clear that Shargrór was getting more and more frustrated in his attempts to destroy Lindall. This time, however, he seemed to have planned to attack Lindall from three directions.
Several goblins attacked the town the first night of the gathering. Several adventurers captured a goblin, who, in return for her life, offered to lead the adventurers to a "secret meeting" in the woods.
The adventurers Gormegil, Varyn, Nix, Vree, Dhara, Marra, and Aara travelled deep into the woods to the location of the meeting, only to find a goblin spellcaster and several of his minions. Gormegil ordered them to surrender, saying that they would not be harmed. The goblins taunted him in response. The goblins, somewhat blinded by their light source, were not able to see all of the adventurers, and as the goblins attempted to get away, the adventurers sprung an ambush and rapidly killed all the goblins with no severe injuries. On the goblin spellcaster they discovered many messages that the spellcaster was apparently writing, which detailed a new goblin attack that was soon to come.
Saturday afternoon, a farmer came into the Three Brother's Tavern, seeking aid in clearing out some goblins that recently took up residence near her farm. A group of Lindall adventurers including Minin, Issalura, Enko, Gormegil, Kyril, and Caseighopeus accompanied her back to her farm, a short walk outside of Lindall. They came across several goblins milling outside a barn, and they the adventurers quickly dispatched them. This alerted the goblins within the barn of their approach, and after some brief conversation, the adventurers tried to clear the barn of goblins. The goblins, however, had a powerful spellcaster and fighter, and after a prolonged fight, managed to drop or incapacitate most of the adventurers. Gormegil, seeing the trouble his comrades were in, decided to run back to town to get help. Not far from the farm, Gormegil fortunately encountered Master Lao of the Order of Light, out for a walk. Master Lao and Gormegil quickly returned to the barn, where Lao dispatched of the goblins, capturing their leader. He also Lifed and Awakened several of the adventurers. Unfortunately, townsperson Minin was beyond the help of a Life spell and required resurrection. The goblin leader, a bright red haired brute by the name of Jagtooth, was interrogated. It was determined that he was in charge of a goblin attack force that was to attack the town the next day, and they had designated the farm as their meeting place. With Jagtooth captured, it was believed that the goblins who would comprise his attack force would be confused and unable to organize for the coming attack.
Early Sunday afternoon, a farmer arrived in town to report that a goblin had taken shelter in his barn. He came to town to get some adventurers to investigate. Riddick, Sirion, Varyn, Dhara, Marra, and Aara left with the farmer to investigate.
In the barn they found a wounded goblin whose leg had apparently been crushed by a falling tree. The goblin then crawled into the barn. The adventurers spoke to the delirious goblin in an attempt to gather information on it. After some interrogation, they learned that the goblin was on a mission to deliver a message to a goblin force planning to attack that afternoon. The message apparently detailed the timing and direction of the attack. This information gained, the adventurers then took measures to ensure that the message would never be delivered.
Despite the efforts of Lindall’s adventurers in thwarting the goblins’ plans, some goblins apparently were able to organize for the attack on Sunday. However, one can only speculate how many lives the adventurers saved by interfering with the goblin plans.
The goblin attack force arrived on Sunday afternoon, emerging from the Lindon Forest northeast of town. The adventurers of Lindall, rallying behind Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos, stood ready to meet them.
The first goblin wave crashed like a breaker upon an unyielding shore, and goblin corpses littered the battlefield. This was not destined to last, however, as the adventurers, severely depleted from their assault on the town of Hedgewood the previous night, began to feel the full brunt of the assault. Despite their fatigue, the stalwart citizens of Lindall made their stand and repulsed the goblin tide again and again. Tremendous teamwork by all the adventurers ensured that no citizen would be killed during the fight.
Finally Shargrór himself arrived with a final wave of goblins, and he advanced directly towards the Baroness, dodging and resisting several spells and gas poison attacks from the adventurers. He traded a vicious series of powerful blows with the Baroness before being neutralized by a Prison spell from Zymm. One of Shargrór’s minions dragged Shargrór away before Zymm could administer the killing blow, and one of Shargrór’s spells casters freed Shargrór from the Prison. Shargrór proceeded directly back into the fray, injuring Zymm before Zymm once again Prisoned him. This time Zymm succeeded in killing Shargrór, and dragged his body behind the lines. The rest of the battle was a mop up operation for the adventurers, and in only a few minutes all of the remaining goblins had been killed. Shargrór’s body dissipated and then reformed, showing that he had been permanently killed. Zymm then triumphantly presented Shargrór’s head to the Baroness.
Baronial scouts have reported that goblin activity in the Lindon forest has significantly decreased—apparently with the final death of Shargrór, the goblins dare not attack Lindall again.

Adventurers Destroy Source of Undead at Hedgewood

During this month’s Gathering, scouts hired by Baroness Lanthlidis discovered a large force of undead outside of Hedgewood, a small hamlet in the Lindon forest, east of Lindall. Hedgewood itself seemed to be infested with undead as well.
Upon hearing this reports, Baroness Lanthlidis decided to lead a group of adventurers from outside Lindall to draw off the large force of undead so that the adventurers of Lindall could then investigate Hedgewood, and if possible, determine the source of the undead and eliminate it.
The Baroness put the members of her newly formed Baronial Guard in charge of the assault: Aara, Gnazz, Gormegil, and Kyril Flamebeard. The Guards divided the adventurers into two groups, one under the joint command of Gnazz and Gormegil, called "Team Orc", and the other under joint command of Aara and Kyril, called "Team Not". These two groups were to assault Hedgewood from two different directions in the hopes of outflanking any defenses.
However, the adventurers ran into problems almost immediately, as undead emerged from the village and attacked both groups at its outskirts. The adventurers were able to destroy their first waves and proceeded into the village.
Team Not encountered a small pit with a skull floating above, exuding necromancy. Undead creatures emerged from the ground around this pit, and it was quickly determined that the skull was somehow creating the undead. The adventurers attempted to destroy the skull with a Shatter spell, which failed to have any effect. Any further attempts to destroy the skull were thwarted by the undead creatures emerging from the pit.
Several members of Team Not were felled by the undead, only to be dragged back to the skull, where they were raised as undead themselves, only to attack their comrades! Team Not was forced to fall back from the onslaught, but fortunately they were able to recover and heal all of their fallen friends before retreating. Team Not, after regrouping, then maneuvered to link up with Team Orc.
Team Orc advanced into town against fierce opposition, aided by a white creature known only as "Guardian Otto", who seemed to hover around one specific townsperson, namely Issalura. The townsfolk moved near Hedgewood’s Order of Light, where they saw what appeared to be an Earth Caster performing some kind of foul magical ritual. All too quickly the townsfolk were driven away from the Circle of Power by the undead, which seemed to be coming from all directions.
The fight seemed to be a stalemate, with the townsfolk pinned up against one of the town’s ruined hovels, but the judicious use of Sanctuary spells allowed some townsfolk to travel throughout the town in an attempt to discover the source of the undead. Several more skulls and pits, akin to the one that Team Not had found, were discovered.
The adventurer Issalura asked Guardian Otto to cast a healing spell at one of them. When he did it appeared to damage the skull. Issalura asked him to continue, and the skull fell into the pit, which closed up around it.
Determining that a method was now possible to destroy the skulls, Issalura proceeded around the village under the protection of Guardian Otto and a Sanctuary spell, directing Guardian Otto to destroy each of the skulls in turn. Five skulls in all were found, and they were all destroyed.
By this time the adventurers were severely drained by the battle, and began to fall back out of Hedgewood. As they continued their retreat, the necromancer completed his ritual, which was apparently the summoning of some powerful undead. With this undead he pursued the adventurers. In the fighting retreat that followed, the necromancer himself was felled by Zymm, but the undead creatures remained alive, although they stopped their pursuit soon after the necromancer had fallen.
At some point during the battle Vree was felled by the undead and dragged away, unable to recovered. Fortunately, she resurrected successfully in Lindall’s Order of Light, to be welcomed by her saddened but relieved friends.
Since then, scouts employed by the Baroness have explored Hedgewood, and they have reported that the hamlet appears to be completely empty. Apparently with the death of the necromancer, the scourge of undead appears to have been removed from Hedgewood.

Undead Mystery Solved – Necromancer Imprisoned

Following the successful outcome of the excursion to Hedgewood (see related story, this edition), Guardian Li Kenji performed a resurrection who was immediately recognized by Enko as the necromancer in the Hedgewood Circle. Enko spread the word quickly, and then engaged the fiend in conversation while maintaining guard over him. Identifying himself as Chessel, he claimed he had been murdered in his village and demanded to see either a Magistrate or Noble personage.
Upon the arrival of Dame Lydia Menathenia at the Circle of Light, Guardian Kenji passed Chessel out of the Circle, and he was taken by Dame Lydia and her guards to the Three Brothers Tavern to meet the Baroness and stand trial for his crimes. The tavern was well-populated at this time, and the trial took place in the center of Zymm’s tavern with a strong and capable guard close to Chessel, ready to instantly strike a blow if needed.
Incredibly, the fiend put forth a story of having discovered a cure for the plague in Hedgewood, and claimed that the village was normal in every way. He denied any knowledge of the undead attacks on Lindall, claiming that he had sent "messengers" with word of the cure he had discovered. He claimed to have normal conversations with the residents of his village, denying they were undead. He claimed not to have seen the Chaos-imbued pits where a number of Lindall’s citizens were dragged during battle, to be turned to undead themselves. He offered to demonstrate his innocence by attempting to cure Dame Lydia of the plague, but he was wisely prohibited from doing so by the Baroness. In the face of these absurd and insulting claims, the citizens of Lindall showed remarkable control by not beating him senseless with their mugs. The Baroness was the image of Nobility, questioning the fiend personally and allowing a few others to ask such questions as they would. When the time came for deliberations by the Baroness with her court, Chessel was quickly and gently rendered unconscious by Enko and Minnin, who had not taken their eyes from him during the course of the trial.
The judgement of the Baroness was swift, sure, and merciful – Chessel is guilty of Necromancy, having been observed performing Necromantic rituals by numerous reliable citizens and defenders of Lindall. The normal sentence of immediate Obliteration is delayed, however, due to Chessel’s apparent insanity. He was taken to the Baronial Prison, where he will be under close guard (hopefully a squad of guards equipped with Silence spells) until such time as the Baroness orders otherwise.

Baroness Lanthlidis begins forming Baronial Guard

At Forum, Baroness Lanthlidis announced the formation of a Baronial Guard, which would serve as a force to patrol and protect the barony, and fight alongside the Baroness during battle. Members of the Baronial Guard also gain the opportunity to study to become a squire, and begin the long and noble pursuit to attain knighthood. Inducted as members into the Baronial Guard were four townspeople: Aara, Gnazz, Gormegil, and Kyril Flamebeard. The Lindall Times would like to extend its congratulations to the four inductees and wish them the best of luck in their new role.

Whispers through the Windows

by Merriwell Twinweed
Greetings, seeker of information! Undoubtedly you were born under a favorable moon, for you have chanced on the best source of information in the Duchy. Nay, I see the scepticism in your eyes, marking you as well-traveled and wise in the ways of the world. With but a little effort, you will readily prove the value of what I provide. Allow me, therefore, to relate to you some of what has fallen on mine ears, the sooner we may both begin to profit by our association.
Hssst, now, off with you. Take these, and use them well – the greatest power lies in knowing before others know, and seeing what others seek to hide. I’ll be here and there, out and about, and will find you when I find more choice morsels for you.

Royal Arcanum

The Royal Arcanum of Lindall offers several services to all citizens and visitors. Please note that at this time the Royal Arcanum does not have set hours of business. If you wish to have business with the Royal Arcanum and the building is unoccupied please seek out one of its members to help you.
Magical Items
Detection of magic [available twice each day]Free
Evaluation of an item’s true value1 copper piece
Identification of magical properties [item or person]2 silver pieces
Buying and selling of magical itemsNegotiable
Spell Knowledge
Teaching of minor Celestial magic [from 1st to 4th level]Free
Teaching of greater Celestial magic [from 5th to 9th level]1 gold crown
Use of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 silver piece
Use of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 silver pieces
Selling of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 gold crown
Selling of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 gold crowns
Spell ink3 copper pieces per spell per level
Buying of spell booksNegotiable
Battle Magic Scrolls
Casting of a spell from a battle magic scrollFree
Casting of a Ward spell1 gold crown
Casting of a Lesser Investment spell1 gold crown
Selling of battle magic scrolls15 copper pieces per level or by demand
Buying of battle magic scrolls8 copper pieces per level or by demand
Trading of battle magic scrolls1 copper piece per level or by demand
Ritual Magics
Translation of ritual scroll2 silver pieces
Selling of ritual scrollsNegotiable
Buying of ritual scrolls1 gold crown per level or by demand
Spell-crafting of ritual magics [requires 10 days notice]1 gold crown per reagent required or by demand
Casting of ritual magicsNegotiable
Buying of ritual reagents1 gold crown
Buying of ritual catalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable

Membership within the Royal Arcanum is available to all who travel within Lindall. Benefits include discounted cost for goods and services, and the potential to earn rank within the Royal Arcanum. Please seek out one of its members if you are interested.
Business with the Royal Arcanum is always considered private unless all parties involved wish otherwise.
Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.
For sale:
Spell Ink5 copper commons per spell level
Full Earth spell book10 gold crowns
Potions1 silver noble per level
Ritual Magics:
Spell-crafting of ritualsBy demand
Casting of rituals1 gold crown per difficulty level
Items purchased/traded:
PotionsBought at 5 copper commons per level
Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only
Ritual Scrolls1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)
Ritual Reagents1 gold crown each
Ritual CatalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable
Necromantic ItemsNecromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.
Interested parties should please see Master Sun Wu Lao or Guardian Li Kenji.

News From Around the Kingdom

Vestria: Reports from the Royal Army of Caldaria indicate the Kurzinnorian forces are massing their troops, possibly for an impending invasion next year. In the meantime, the Royal Army is digging in for the long winter ahead.
Pardalens: During a storm off the coast of Pardalens earlier this month, the Royal Navy sloop Karitaina was wrecked on shoals off shore. Unfortunately, she is feared lost with all hands. The Karitaina had a crew of 36.
Phylon: The permanently dead bodies of two soldiers of the Royal Army were found off the road in eastern Phylon last week. At least a dozen torn and bloodied Royal Army uniforms were found nearby, suggesting that their owners were either captured or died and successfully resurrected. There has been no word from any survivors. It is suspected that these troops are the soldiers that Baroness Lanthlidis captured during her conflict with Knight Legatus Andarias. The Baroness had ordered these prisoners to be escorted to Vellarens for judgment by Duke Stephanos. The Phylon Watch is reported to be investigating the matter.

Astrology Forecast for the Falling Leaf Moon

By Dame Lydia Menathenia
This moon is characterized by the leaves changing colors and falling from their position of greatness. The trees lose their leaves to help survive the winter, and similarly, so must we. We must learn now what will benefit us and what is frivolous as we approach the cold winter months.
Take time to truly examine each attachment you have in your life. Anything that is more of a drain to you than an addition should be let go of until you have the energy to spare. Stay warm within the hearts of your loved ones. Prepare for the winter of life and the darkness that shall soon tuck us all swiftly into slumber.

Letters to the Editor:

People of Lindall,

The Royal Arcanum currently has spell-crafted Elemental Aura rituals available for sale. It has been found that an Elemental Aura allows you to affect many creatures that are not harmed by common or silvered weapons. The current cost is two gold crowns and any two ritual reagents. Interested parties should contact the Sorcerer of the Royal Arcanum at least six days before the ritual is needed. The Royal Arcanum is also seeking additional ritual scrolls and reagents that can be used for future spell-crafting. In addition, orders for battle magic scrolls should be made at least six days before they are needed. Lastly, when seeking information about battle or ritual magic, the Royal Arcanum and Order of Light are required by Caldarian law to supply accurate records. Merchants not affiliated with the Royal Arcanum or the Order of Light seeking to purchase magic related items may misinform you in order to gain these items for themselves at a price that is well below their value. Please educate yourself before making a transaction; you are welcome to approach either of these royally sanctioned institutions with any questions.

Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco