The Lindall Times

November edition, 37th year of His Majesty's reign, 502 C.R.

Dame Lydia Obliterated!

Around noon on Sunday of October’s second gathering, Dame Lydia Menathenia, First Knight to Baroness Dardanos, was obliterated by a royal executioner. The charges against her were participation in an illegal ritual, high treason, and murder.
It all began on Friday night, when Lord Jaden returned to Lindall. Baroness Dardanos called Lord Jaden and Dame Lydia into the Royal Arcanum. There had been a suspicion that Lord Jaden was involved in Dame Lydia’s last death, and Baroness Dardanos wished to have any suspicions cleared. Upon searching both Lord Jaden and Dame Lydia, it was found that both bore marks similar to that of the Broken Circle bandits!
Lord Jaden had a mark on the back of his neck that appeared to have been magically placed there. Dame Lydia had a semi-circle tattooed behind each ear. When asked about the origins of the marks, neither noble could remember where they had gotten them. Baroness Dardanos, not knowing if she could trust either of them decided to place Lord Jaden in the watch of the Azure F.O.G. and to place Dame Lydia in the jail with Minnin.
On Saturday morning, a distraught and bloodied Minnin came bursting into the Three Brother’s Tavern. He had let Dame Lydia out of the jail and she had beaten him down. She used her skills in first aid to prevent his death, but she escaped into the woods. Minnin talked with many members of the Azure F.O.G. and the Baroness herself, not understanding why Dame Lydia had betrayed him.
Later on that day, at Forum, a messenger arrived bearing news of the whereabouts of the Broken Circle Bandits’ hideout. The town mobilized immediately, and proceeded to the hideout. After a fierce battle with the bandits, who were surprised by the raid, the bandit leader fled within the protection of a Circle of Power.
The Bandit leader, a man who went by the name Atmen, said that in exchange for his life, he would give the whereabouts of his leader. The townsfolk and the Baroness agreed, and followed a map given to them to a spot about five minutes south of Lindall. When they arrived, they were shocked to find townsperson Chandra Dawnfire’s father, Devon Hartskill in a circle of power with Dame Lydia and an Ansconi man named Charon. After being confronted, Dame Lydia told the townspeople that she was having Devon obliterated for murdering her at the last forum. She revealed that she was involved in an ancient war amongst the Ansconi, in which she and Devon were mortal enemies.
Chandra begged for her father’s life, and many others tried to cause the ritual to backlash. Gnazz and Gormegil Sunderdragon tried to shake Dame Lydia with threats and by telling her she had lost her honor. Dame Lydia appeared to take it all in stride, until the ritual suddenly ended, resulting in Devon Hartskill’s permanent death. When the Circle of Power fell, Dame Lydia was quickly paralyzed and knocked unconscious. She was then transported back to Lindall. Somewhere before reaching the Royal Arcanum, even though she had been stabilized, Dame Lydia died. When Baroness Dardanos granted her the gift of life, Dame Lydia immediately activated a ritual on her spirit to give her both a magic armor and a spell shield. The Baroness and townspeople used spells and weapons to break her protective spells until she stopped activating them and was asleep. While unconscious, she was fed an Enslavement Antidote.
The Town Watch, Baronial Guard, and others kept watch over her for most of the night. Until the Baroness arrived after dinnertime, Dame Lydia only regained consciousness once, but did not say a word.
Once the Baroness decided to let Dame Lydia speak, it seemed that her First Knight was at a loss for words. Many things were discussed, although the details of which we were not able to ascertain. Several townspeople left the Royal Arcanum in anger and sadness, their Knight had betrayed them. Squire-to-be Gnazz Sunderdragon was amongst them, claiming he did not have the spirit left in him even to fight.
Throughout the night, Dame Lydia was allowed to write letters. The letters were to her loved ones, and to the people of the Barony. Dame Lydia, despite her treachery, was trying to amend some of the wrongs she had done in what time she had left before her obliteration. Dame Lydia’s wife arrived in Lindall, and they spoke for a long time. Knight Paladin Avila of the Order of Golden Flame had arrived in town to speak with the Baroness about the issue with Knight Legatus Andarias, and she informed him of Dame Lydia’s crimes. He informed her that a royal executioner would be sent in the morning, as participation in a Ritual of Obliteration has a minimum sentence of Obliteration.
A watch was kept over Dame Lydia throughout the night, and it is said that she stayed up most of the night writing. In the morning, Dame Lydia bore a large cut down her right cheek, but no one spoke as to where or when it had come from. It was assumed she had cut it into her own face using a spare nail or other object.
She gave a note to Gnazz Sunderdragon in the morning, and after reading it, he returned to the Royal Arcanum where Dame Lydia was being kept. They spoke for a long time, awaiting the arrival of the Royal Executioner. As the Royal Executioner arrived in town, in the body of a bone golem, Dame Lydia was escorted to the place of her execution by Gnazz Sunderdragon, Mage Dante Brightmantle, and Minnin.
The Royal Executioner placed a confine spell on Dame Lydia and cast a circle of power around the two of them. Gnazz Sunderdragon requested to be allowed in the circle with his Lady Knight and the Executioner, but it was deemed to dangerous for him to do so.
The painful ritual proceeded for an hour. Dame Lydia made many requests of the people of Lindall to live their lives without fear, and to live life with honor and respect. Dame Lydia winced and cried out in pain during the ritual, as her body slowly deteriorated from the power of the magic. As part of the ritual, her collarbone was broken, to verify that her bones were weakening. Towards the end of the ritual, Dame Lydia’s ears were torn, and her horns were snapped off to verify that even the very fabric that made her Ansconi was falling apart. Dame Lydia lost her sight during the ritual, and eventually lost her hearing as well.
She could not hear the pleas or words of strength those around her were speaking, or even the words of forgiveness from Baroness Dardanos. Dame Lydia’s last words before the ritual’s completion were “Please let me die” a plea that her spirit would not have the strength to resurrect. For if she were to resurrect she would most likely be obliterated a second time for high treason and executed for murder.
At the completion of the ritual, Dame Lydia’s body fell over, then dissipated. Her spirit traveled to the Order of Light, where Guardian Kenji felt Dame Lydia’s spirit fade away into non-existence. Her spirit no longer had the strength to resurrect. Dame Lydia’s body reappeared where she had been executed and her body was given to Gnazz Sunderdragon, Minnin, and other members of the Azure F.O.G. who accepted the responsibility of escorting her body back to her homeland and family.

Sir Andarias sacrifices life to save Lindall

The state of civil war in the Barony of Dardanos has come to an end in a stunning turnaround of events. The Knight Legatus Andarias Dardanos, who had challenged Lady Lanthlidis Dardanos’ claim to the Barony, and engaged in a civil war against her for the better part of a year, suddenly recognized her claim on the field of battle, and then sacrificed his life to cover the escape of the Baroness and the citizens of Lindall as they fled the onslaught of Shadow Beasts.
In September Knight Legatus Andarias led a platoon of his soldiers against the Baroness and her followers in Lindall, and suffered a defeat. The Knight Legatus was captured along with most of his soldiers. The Baroness attempted to speak with the Knight Legatus concerning their conflicting claims to the Barony in the hopes of reaching some kind of reconciliation, but the Knight Legatus used a Spirit Recall effect to escape.
The Baroness sent the captured soldiers to the ducal capital of Vellarens for judgment by Duke Rogal Stephanos, but they never arrived—-halfway to their destination all the soldiers were found murdered, two of them permanently. On Friday night of the second October gathering, the last gathering before the onset of winter, Vintenar Rylan Cresos and another of Knight Legatus Andarias’ soldiers arrived in Lindall, demanding to speak with Lady Lanthlidis. Vintenar Cresos said that if the Baroness truly wanted peace between herself and her cousin, and wished to open communications between them, she should send five non-noble representatives to meet with some of Knight Legatus Andarias’ soldiers a few miles out of Lindall to discuss terms.
Baroness Lanthlidis sent Gormegil and Gnazz Sunderdragon, Issalura Weatherlight, Kuranes, and Enko Queeko to the meeting, escorted by a soldier. Vintenar Cresos stayed in Lindall under the eyes of the Baroness as a guarantee that the Baroness’ representatives would return unharmed.
The five representatives met with several soldiers and one of Knight Legatus Andarias’ officers, where they discussed terms to begin negotiations between the Baroness and Knight Legatus Andarias. The plan was for the two nobles to meet the next day one hour after midday five miles outside of town, and they could each bring no more than five aides to the meeting. As a show of good faith on both sides, it was agreed to exchange one representative for the night, to be returned at the meeting the following day. Gormegil elected to stay with Knight Legatus Andarias’ men for the night.
The following day the Baroness left with her party to the meeting site, consisting of Gnazz, Issalura, Kuranes, Enko, and Andarias’ soldier. They quickly discovered that not all was well. They came across the ripped and bloodied uniforms and belongings of several Royal Army soldiers, which seemed to indicate that they had been killed and successfully resurrected. Even worse, they group was set upon by two soldiers who attacked them on sight. The Baroness and her aides felled the two soldiers—and as they fell, dark shadows appeared to explode out of their bodies and escape. Both soldiers appeared to permanently die after the encounter.
Realizing that something terrible had happened, the Baroness sent Enko back to town to gather all the townsfolk who would come to investigate.
Enko succeeded in gathering a large force of the adventurers of Lindall, and thus reinforced, the Baroness led them closer to the meeting site.
Approaching a clearing in the Lindon forest, the Baroness and her lead party saw Knight Legatus Andarias and Gormegil Sunderdragon, back to back, fighting a horde of Shadow Beasts. Surrounding them were the bodies of dozens of Royal Army soldiers, and the bloody belongings of many more—it seemed clear that the two were the only two left in the fight. The Baroness charged forward to their aid, the adventurers following without hesitation.
A huge battle ensued, with Knight Legatus Andarias and Baroness Lanthlidis fighting side by side, their quarrel forgotten as they faced a common foe. The valiant adventurers formed a defensive wall, showing remarkable bravery in fighting an enemy about which they knew little. Early on in the battle, the sarr adventurer D’Avignon fell, and a Shadow Beast appeared to merge with him. D’Avignon then got up and began to attack his friends! Apparently the Shadow Beasts could possess fallen combatants and turn them against their allies! Horrified, the adventurers beat down D’Avignon, and were relieved to see the Shadow Beast explode out of his body. D’Avignon was then healed and continued to fight bravely against the Shadow Beasts.
During the battle many other adventurers fell beneath the claws of the Shadow Beasts, only to be possessed and fight against their comrades. The will of the adventurers was unbreakable, and they continued to fight in a battle that was rapidly turning into a last stand. Just as the Baroness and Knight Legatus Andarias appeared to be discussing a possible retreat, a magic explosion occurred that blasted everyone backwards dozens of yards, knocking everyone off their feet, simultaneously dispelling all magic effects currently on them.
As the adventurers staggered to their feet, they met a chilling sight. A Shadow Beast in form of a humanoid had appeared at the center of the magical explosion. In a deep voice the new Shadow Beast began calling out to Knight Legatus Andarias, threatening him with death, and the death of all those who would stand in his way. Baroness Lanthlidis immediately called on the adventurers to retreat. At this point the white skinned creature known as "The Guardian" appeared, and while he did not speak, he urgently gestured for the townspeople to flee. After a slight hesitation, the townsfolk obeyed, and as they backed off, they witnessed dozens of more Shadow Beasts begin to leap out of the humanoid Shadow Beast, increasing their numbers into a veritable horde.
It was at this moment that something truly remarkable happened. Knight Legatus Andarias ran to the Baroness, knelt before her and took her hand. "My Lady Baroness," he said, "You must get the people to safety. This is my fight." With that he walked to stand with the Guardian, and together they faced the oncoming horde.
The Baroness then drove the adventurers away to safety, threatening to personally cut down anyone foolish enough to cross her orders to retreat.
After moving at a rapid pace away from the battle scene, it was clear that the Shadow Beasts were not following them. Returning to Lindall, the adventurers massed in the Three Brothers Tavern to recover.
A short while later, two spirits arrived at the Lindall Order of Light. The first was of Gnazz Sunderdragon, who had fallen behind the lines shortly before the humanoid Shadow Beast arrived, and thus out of reach of his friends, and then the spirit of Knight Legatus Andarias. Gnazz would successfully resurrect, while Knight Legatus Andarias would not.
The adventurers Flatdog, Lyle Zaradan, and Caseighopeus took it upon themselves to return to the battle site to recover Andarias’ body, and Gnazz’ lost belongings.
Flatdog picked up Andarias’ polearm, and found that it Spirit Linked to him. The three adventurers found a female Guardian standing over Andarias’ body. She said little, and her motives for being there were unclear.
Caseighopeus recovered Gnazz’s belongings, while Lyle picked up Andarias’ body and carried it back to town. The Guardian accompanied them to town, and upon seeing the body delivered into the hands of the Baroness, the Guardian left. Arriving in town, they presented Andarias’ body to the Baroness, and she ordered it moved to the Royal Arcanum until funeral arrangements could be made.

Royal Decrees Made: His Majesty Addresses Subjects!

To my beloved citizens,

Our land has faced unimaginable hardship over these past years and stands today on the brink of renewed war with the evil hordes of Kurzinnor. We have all been affected from the pain and loss caused by the Plague, for there are none of us who have not suffered these past years. There is no person who has not seen the death of their loved ones, commoner and Noble alike. Caldaria stands today as a shell of her former self, a people ravaged by war and disease. Yet, as we enter into this long winter, we do so as a united people. I see before me a land of dedicated and strong citizens determined to rise up against out woes and forge a kingdom that is stronger than ever before. Royal commendation is given to each and every one of our kingdom’s farmers, fishermen, and herdsmen for persevering through shortages of labor to save us all from the threat of starvation. Though this winter will see us all with a leaner table, it is your efforts that are to be praised for continuing to bring life to Caldaria. Our specific gratitude to all of the people of my Duchy of Stephanos, who toiled as one people throughout the season to ensure our food supplies would be sufficient.
Still, the winter will be hard on us all. Let it be known to all citizens that I have sent order to all of my Noble Households. All Baronial food stores are to be made open to the public for distribution to their citizens who are in need this winter. Also let it be known that all Noble Households are to suspend any restrictions on the hunting of common game animals on their lands for this winter. It is the Royal will that no person within Caldaria starve this winter. Though the apparent passing of the Plague lets us all breathe a collective sigh and may give us hope for a healthy kingdom for the first time in years, we cannot ignore the ever looming threat of the Kurzinnor. It is to ensure the
safety of my people and to bring order to our lands that the following decrees are made by my person for all of Caldaria to obey:
Let it hereby be declared that Her Grace, Duchess Alandra Vestria, has been named Regent for the Duchy of Demos and will carryout all duties and actions befitting the Ducal Household. Her Grace will continue to retain all rights and titles to the lands of Vestria.
Let it hereby be declared that no military action be made to reclaim our lost lands of Ordin and Vestria at this time. To ensure the safety of our lands let the ranks of the armies be bolstered, and not until we can crush the Kurzinnor with overwhelming force will we risk the lives of our brave soldiers. The borders of Demos and Stephanos will be solidified so that not a single acre more of our rightful lands be tainted by the foul presence of the evil that has besieged us.
Caldaria stands as a shining example of honor and justice against a world of evil. As I gaze upon the faces of my people I know that we shall not fail in our task to bring justice to this world, and to secure peace for all of our children. United as one voice and one sword against evil, we shall bring Caldaria into her most prosperous age, together.
By my hand, Gaius Phedron

Baroness Lanthlidis Knighted

After the obliteration of Dame Lydia, the Baroness gathered the townsfolk into the Three Brothers Tavern to discuss the recent events in town with the people. Knight Paladin Avila of the Order of the Golden Flame was present, and there he surprised everyone by complimenting the Baroness on her actions over the past year, and he then proceeded to knight her. As she rose for the first time as Baroness Dame Lanthlidis Dardanos, the gathered citizens cheered her praises.

Gnazz and Gormegil Squired

As one of her first actions as a knight, the Baroness squired both Gnazz Sunderdragon and Gormegil Sunderdragon. She declared that both of the High Orcs had shown their leadership capabilities through difficult times and that she would train them further on their quest for nobility.

Master of Light for Stephanos Dies

Master Jacob Thetis of the Order of Light died his final death earlier this month at Castle Phylon. The human mage was nearly seventy years old and had been in a prolonged battle with the Plague for several years. He has served on the leadership council for the Order of Light for nearly thirty years.
At this time the leaders of the Order have not yet declared who the new representative from Stephanos will be, although reports have indicated that the council has been debating the issues. Based upon years of service and knowledge of Earth Magic, the most likely candidates would be Master of Light Sequestia Roundtree of the Solana Order of Light in Atharos or Master of Light Sun Wu Lao, of the Lindall Order of Light in Dardanos.

Whispers through the Windows

by Merriwell Twinweed
I heard of your desire to meet with me again – nay, don’t look shocked. I know your note lies unfinished at your bedside – I thought merely to save you the trouble and expense of finding a way to send it to me.
You were pleased with the morsels I provided you in our last meeting, else you’d not be seeking more. I see that you have prospered from the warnings I provided you, but I’d be hard pressed to prove it from any bounty I’ve received. I’ll be careful, and no connection with you shall ever be known.
You will surely find these morsels helpful, but remember to take care in moving against the plans of the ones I’ve warned you about earlier. Movement unseen is movement unstopped, as we’ve discussed beforetimes. I’ll be here and there, out and about, and will find you again as I found you this time.

Royal Arcanum

The Royal Arcanum of Lindall offers several services to all citizens and visitors. Please note that at this time the Royal Arcanum does not have set hours of business. If you wish to have business with the Royal Arcanum and the building is unoccupied please seek out one of its members to help you.
Magical Items
Detection of magic [available twice each day]Free
Evaluation of an item’s true value1 copper piece
Identification of magical properties [item or person]2 silver pieces
Buying and selling of magical itemsNegotiable
Spell Knowledge
Teaching of minor Celestial magic [from 1st to 4th level]Free
Teaching of greater Celestial magic [from 5th to 9th level]1 gold crown
Use of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 silver piece
Use of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 silver pieces
Selling of a minor spell book [includes all spells up to 4th level]1 gold crown
Selling of a full spell book [includes all available spells]6 gold crowns
Spell ink3 copper pieces per spell per level
Buying of spell booksNegotiable
Battle Magic Scrolls
Casting of a spell from a battle magic scrollFree
Casting of a Ward spell1 gold crown
Casting of a Lesser Investment spell1 gold crown
Selling of battle magic scrolls15 copper pieces per level or by demand
Buying of battle magic scrolls8 copper pieces per level or by demand
Trading of battle magic scrolls1 copper piece per level or by demand
Ritual Magics
Translation of ritual scroll2 silver pieces
Selling of ritual scrollsNegotiable
Buying of ritual scrolls1 gold crown per level or by demand
Spell-crafting of ritual magics [requires 10 days notice]1 gold crown per reagent required or by demand
Casting of ritual magicsNegotiable
Buying of ritual reagents1 gold crown
Buying of ritual catalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable

Membership within the Royal Arcanum is available to all who travel within Lindall. Benefits include discounted cost for goods and services, and the potential to earn rank within the Royal Arcanum. Please seek out one of its members if you are interested.
Business with the Royal Arcanum is always considered private unless all parties involved wish otherwise.
Sorcerer Ellsworth DeMarco

Order of Light

The Lindall Order of Light is a charitable organization sponsored by the Baronial House. As such, teaching, healing spells, and Resurrection services are offered to all people without regard to cost. Donations are always welcome. The following other items and services are also available from the Order for small fees to cover materials, etc.
For sale:
Spell Ink5 copper commons per spell level
Full Earth spell book10 gold crowns
Potions1 silver noble per level
Ritual Magics:
Spell-crafting of ritualsBy demand
Casting of rituals1 gold crown per difficulty level
Items purchased/traded:
PotionsBought at 5 copper commons per level
Traded at 1 silver noble credit per level (towards Order services only
Ritual Scrolls1 gold crown per difficulty level (based on lowest difficulty)
Ritual Reagents1 gold crown each
Ritual CatalystsNegotiable
Trading of ritual scrolls, reagents, or catalystsNegotiable
Necromantic ItemsNecromancy is illegal and abominable. Necromantic items will be purchased based on levels of spells and rituals in the item. Upon purchase, these items will be promptly destroyed.
Interested parties should please see Master Sun Wu Lao or Guardian Li Kenji.

News From Around the Kingdom

Arcaldar: Representatives from Noble Households throughout Caldaria have been arriving at Castle Phedron throughout the past month, now that His Majesty has once again begun holding court. Households from Vestria and Ordin are reportedly upset with His Majesty’s decision not to prepare a campaign to retake the south.
Lyrax: House Lyrax has reported a decrease in gold production this fall, after several mines were closed due to unsolved disappearances of several dozens of miners. The cause of these disappearances remains unreported, but the Household has reopened several mines. It is not believed that the reduced gold production this fall will serve to hinder the kingdom’s economy.
Thurgos: The resounding defeat of local pirates has boosted the local markets, causing several Merchant Houses to renew business. Citizens in Psarion celebrated with the dedication of a new statue of Baroness Alicia.