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2017 Events
All Caldaria events are free for alliance CT players with an active membership! We have a total of 9 faire day events this year. See here for details.

January Events!
January 21st and February 18th!
That's right, the first Alliance CT events for 2017. Both fairdays are in Milford CT. Check the forums and the calendar for more info.
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Alliance Caldaria
We are currently members of The Alliance LARP. An organization dedicated to providing top quality role-playing events. With standardized rules across all chapters you can easily transfer characters and play in any Alliance games throughout the country. A full listing of Alliance chapters as well as more details on The Alliance LARP can be found here.

Caldaria is a live action role-playing game (LARP), based in the New England area. Boffer style combat (foam padded weapons) provides a safe and fun way for anyone to become the heroic warrior, or skulking rogue. A robust skill system also provides for alchemists, potion makers, magic users, and much more.

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