Intro to Alliance LARP
The Alliance LARP, is a Live Action Role-Playing game, which is where the term LARP comes from. We were formerly known as NERO Alliance. NERO is an acronnym that stands for the New England Roleplaying Organization. (When we frist began NERO back in 1989, we had no idea it would grow beyond our small game in boston!)

In the Alliance LARP game, you create a character concept for a fantasy story and actually play the character. It is much like improvisational theater in that you have a framework created by the props and supporting characters and must develop your part as you progress through the storyline. Your character's attitudes, ambitions, and history are yours to define.

If the adventurous life is your calling, you may play the part of a wanderer, meeting some friends in the tavern. Your party could get hired by a farmer in desperate straits, and spend the afternoon slaying a foul necromancer and his undead abominations.

If the epic life is not your style, then you can play the part of a town merchant. You can make your money selling your wares - and information - for the right price.

Or perhaps you wish to be one who investigates the magical arts, selling your scrolls and potions to earn the money you need to continue your studies.

Or would you rather try and become leader of the Mages' Guild? Becoming a ritual caster and controlling the elements?The choice is yours.

Alliance LARP is dedicated to the legendary days of high fantasy, while running a fun and safe game.

We have fierce warriors, crafty scouts, powerful mages, loyal knights, and benevolent healers. There are smelly goblins, blood-chilling specters, evil necromancers, villainous spies to fight, and your very own legends to create.
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