The Lindall Times
3rd Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 507 C.R.
2nd Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 506 C.R.
September Edition
The Kurzinor within spitting distance,and hungry for our blood. Were some of the last words spoken by Soldier First Class Garret Mason before being run through by a Kurzinor spear. I had the rare opportunity to meat and talk with many of our soldiers on the front lines just southwest of Lindall. The mood there, weary but determined. Our troops have been fighting the Kurzinor non-stop ...Read the full story here!
40th Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 505 C.R.
May Edition
Lindall Adventurers Defeat Gauntlet! (TIMES STAFF) After a fierce battle in the town of Lindall, the adventurers of Lindall successfully defeated the Gauntlet in battle, the first time anyone in Caldaria can claim such a victory. On the night before the April Forum, the Liche Erishkigal, member of the Gauntlet, cast a Circle of Power outside the Three Brothers Tavern, and began to torture a citizen of Hedgewood named Fendrake...Read the full story here!
April Edition
Theronis Named Capital of Dardanos! Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos has recently announced that the capital of Dardanos has been restored to the city of Theronis.
The city of Theronis was a prosperous port city at the mouth of the River Daron and the duchy’s only outlet to the sea. Many of Stephanos’ trade goods were transported down the river, through Theronis, and there on to rest of the kingdom. However, in 501 Theronis was struck extremely hard by the place,...Read the full story here!
39th Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 504 C.R.
October Edition
Kurzinnor Invasion Repulsed! After a frightening invasion of Stephanos initiated in August, the forces of Caldaria have succeeded in repulsing the Kurzinnor from the barony of Dardanos. The past two months have been momentous ones for the town of Lindall, not to mention Dardanos and Stephanos as a whole. It all started back in August, when Sir Ansari Arash Nykia, commander of the Nykian forces in Dardanos, came to Lindall bearing dire news...Read the full story here!
August Edition
Kurzinnor Offensive Imminent! Massive troop buildups and reports from the war front indicate that the Kurzinnor are planning a massive offensive for the near future. A senior officer in the Royal Army was quoted as saying, “When the Kurzinnor invaded again last year, they had built up their forces for months ahead of time. It was a slow, steady process. This time they have surged with their reinforcements...Read the full story here!
May Edition
Gauntlet Engaged by Nykian and Dardanos Forces! After spending much of the past two months terrorizing the folk in the Lindon Forest and Lindall itself, the Crimson Fist has begun a major campaign in western Dardanos.
The past two months have seen some dark days for the barony of Dardanos as the Crimson Fist, addressed by his followers as "Lord General," seems to have taken a personal interest in the adventuring population of Lindall. This creature has brought with him a court of sorts that he calls "The Gauntlet."...Read the full story here!
38th Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 503 C.R.
October Edition
Goblin King Slagwort Slain! On the eve of the September Forum in Lindall, goblin representatives of "King" Slagwort approached the citizens of Lindall, proclaiming to be carrying demands from the goblin leader. Citizens may remember that Slagwort was one of the leaders of the Shargroar tribe of goblins who warred with the people of Dardanos ...Read the full story here!
September Edition
Kurzinnor in Dardanos Repulsed! Early in the morning following the recent forum (see related story later in this edition) the Lindall Ranger detachment came upon a large encampment of Kurzinor while on regular patrol. Withdrawing quietly in the face of the much larger force ...Read the full story here!
August Edition
Kurzinnor Army Unleashes Massive Attack! Mere weeks after the Battle of the Talomir Spur, the Kurzinnor have launched another major assault on the Caldarian positions in northern Vestria. Reports from the front are sketchy, but it appears that the Kurzinnor attacked every Caldarian position simultaneously ...Read the full story here!
July Edition
Kurzinnor Army Defeated in Vestria! In what is being called the Battle of Talomir Spur, the Royal Army of Caldaria fought a major battle last month against the forces of Kurzinnor. After a battle lasting more than ten hours, the Royal Army was victorious, destroying the Kurzinnor attack force and killing well over a thousand Kurzinnor.
The battle took place in the Barony of Dargonas, approximately ten miles south of Talomir Keep...Read the full story here!
June Edition
Magic Stealing Creatures Destroyed! During the Gathering in April, several townsfolk unwitting opened a rift that unleashed a strange new creature to the lands of Dardanos. These creatures were vaguely humanoid creatures with skin looking similar to dried mud with glowing cracks. They made a characteristic humming noise as well. They seemed to be attracted to magic, and some of them were capable of draining Wards...Read the full story here!
May Edition
Magic Stealing Creatures unleashed on Dardanos (TIMES STAFF) During last gathering, several townsfolk unwitting opened a rift that unleashed a strange new creature to the lands of Dardanos. (see the letter below for an account of this occurrence).
Within hours of the rift’s opening, strange vaguely humanoid creatures with skin looking similar to dried mud with glowing cracks attacked Lindall...Read the full story here!
37th Year of His Magesty’s Reign, 502 C.R.
November Edition
Dame Lydia Obliterated! Around noon on Sunday of October’s second gathering, Dame Lydia Menathenia, First Knight to Baroness Dardanos, was obliterated by a royal executioner. The charges against her were participation in an illegal ritual, high treason, and murder.
It all began on Friday night, when Lord Jaden returned to Lindall. Baroness Dardanos called Lord Jaden and Dame Lydia into the Royal Arcanum. There had been a suspicion that Lord Jaden was involved in Dame Lydia’s last death...Read the full story here!
October Edition
Shargrór Defeated! In a climactic battle on a rainy day in October, the goblin chieftain Shargrór was killed permanently due to the efforts of the adventurers of Lindall, led by Baroness Lanthlidis Dardanos.
For the whole year, the goblin chieftain Shargrór has been terrorizing the citizens of the barony of Dardanos. His tribe, the Shargroar goblins, has attacked the town of Lindall several times this year. A faction of Shargroar goblins under the leadership of the goblin spellcaster Slagwort attempted to poison the River Lindon...Read the full story here!
September Edition
Goblin Plot to burn Lindon Forest Foiled! Earlier this year, the goblins of the Shargroar tribe had been split into two factions: those following Shargrór, and those following Slagwort. At some time during the summer, however, Shargrór and Slagwort have apparently reconciled their differences, and now they are again working together. This apparently resulted in a plan to burn down the Lindon Forest!...Read the full story here!
April Edition
Baron Clavious Dardanos, Lady Druca Dardanos Die of the Plague! Baron Clavious Dardanos died Monday, April 9, 502 of the plague. He is survived by his daughter Lanthlidis. Baron Clavious was born in Theronis, Dardanos, in the year 447, the son of Baron Dallender Dardanos and Lady Bellona Onlares. He married the Lady Druca, the dwarven daughter of a Knight from Atharos in September 472, and together they had a child, Lanthlidis Saxmund Dardanos, in 477. In 485, Baron Dallender Dardanos suffered his final death in battle ...Read the full story here!
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