Event Dates Announced!
2011 Event dates are confirmed, 5 Weekend events at the Pomfret CT site. At least one faire day will be scheduled for this year. Check the Events page for details.
Event Dates Announced!
January 15th, 2009
Caldaria event dates are confirmed, 6 weekend events in 2008. Check the Events page for details.
Work Day!
March 1st, 2008
To start the year off with a bang, we need the proper tools to hurt you with. So come help us make them. No better way to meet some fellow players, practice your weapon/packet/costume/prop making skills than with us down in Prospect CT. Directions available upon request at
Event Dates Announced!
Jaunary 15th, 2008
Caldaria event dates are confirmed, 6 weekend events in 2008. Check the Events page for details.
2nd Work Day!
August 18th, 2007
Come make weapons for us to beat you with!
The props committee would like to invite you to our second Caldaria work day! Where we will be repairing weapons and costuming that has gotten a little too much tough love from our NPC's. We will also be filling out our supply of weapons, and making anything else we think we might need. The location is the same, Prospect CT, from noon until we get kicked out! Directions are available upon request at
Module Days!
Febuary 13th, 2007
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Caldaria Plot Committee is pleased to announce that we will be running extended modules on the 24th and 25th of March, 2007, at the Foster Farm (directions to follow).

We have currently scheduled two slots (10am-2pm, 3pm-7pm) on both days. Each slot is for a module group of 6-10 players. Players are invited to show up early or stay late to NPC for the other module on that day, or even to just show up to NPC (though some advance warning is definitely appreciated, and the more time we have to prep you for what are likely more in-depth roles than a normal NPC shift, the better).

Logistically, how this works is you get in touch with your group of friends/team/etc and decide which time slot you would like (indicate most to least preferable) and your top three module choices from the list below (in order). We are not guaranteeing any group a specific module or time slot, but will do our best to accommodate the first four groups we hear back from. In order to hold a slot, you must have at least six players on your list. Our cut off for registration (assuming all slots aren’t filled earlier, which wouldn’t surprise me) is midnight, Friday, February 23rd. Each group needs to choose its own contact member, who will be responsible for disseminating information from the plot committee to his/her group.

Further instructions (where to send character information, logistics details, etc) will be carried out via private communication.

These modules will cost $15 person if preregistered, or $20 at the door. Unlike a normal event, you will need to be a member of one of the pre-determined module groups to PC (ie- don’t just show up at the farm with $20 and expect to PC).

Please note that, while many of the modules below seem war related, an effort has been made to have each module involve a variety of individual encounters/routes to victory/etc so as to entertain any and all play styles and preferences (hopefully). Also note that these modules are not designed as “stand alone” encounters and will be fully integrated with ongoing plot.

  1. Defense of the Wood
    Teaser: The Kurzinor have unleashed many of their spectral undead into the Lindon Forest, and the Osprey are hard pressed to resist. The spirits within the Wood that would normally help repulse such abominations are unusually slow to respond. Can the adventurers throw back the Kurzinor threat and awaken the slumbering guardians?
  2. The Wild Hunt
    Teaser: Caldarian spies have learned the location of a hidden Kurzinor encampment that is producing undead shock troops by the score. A volunteer mission is sent deep behind enemy lines, tasked to destroy this source of necromantic taint or die trying. Will the aid of Lindall’s adventurers turn a suicide mission into success?
  3. Dangerous Drake
    Teaser: The Caldarian navy needs a safe port in the south, but has few marines with which to secure one. Can the adventurers carve a foothold on an inhospitable island? Will the natives be of any help, or have they joined the growing darkness?
  4. Northern Envoy
    Teaser: A diplomatic mission has been sent to seek aid from new allies, but is nearly destroyed before it even arrives at its goal. Will its hasty replacements be up to the task of convincing a proud people to aid in Caldaria’s distant struggle, or will their efforts fall on deaf, uncultured ears?
  5. Ill Feelings
    Teaser: A small band of loyal soldiers is hounded by the Kurzinor, equipped with a new and dangerous weapon. Will the intervention of some of Lindall’s heroes be enough to save Caldaria’s loyal sons and daughters, or will this new Kurzinor concoction undo years of searching for a cure?
  6. Interactive Plot Submission
    Teaser: Decide what your characters wish to do, and, if it meets our criteria (explained below), we will write a custom mod for you and your module group. This is intended as a way to follow up on current plotlines, character histories, rumors, etc, in a way not easily integrated into the above module concepts or a normal event. The Caldaria plot teams reserves the right to decline this choice (and schedule your group for your second choice module) if: A) it is not suitable module content (ie- going and visiting mom and dad and seeing how things are back home is a fine plot submission for between normal events, but unless things are very wrong at home, not likely to be the entertaining module you might wish), B) the Caldaria plot team intends for the focus of your desired module to be the focus of an event/event encounter in the near future (wanting to go kill Massacre is all well and good, but such things are better done where more players can enjoy them), C) for time constraints (either in terms of “this can’t be done in a 3 hour module” or “we can’t write this and build the props it deserves to have in a month”), or D) we just don't like it. If you are interested in pursuing one of these, please include a rough “what we’re trying to do” in your submission, so we can approve or deny your request.

Your character does not have to be in caldaria to participate. To 'lock in' your slot/team, we need e-mails from every person confirming that they will be attending.
So one person as the lead, who lists everyone that will be in their group (if you have 6 and then get a 7th and want to add them in later its not a big deal, but you need a minimum of 6.).
Then evey person in the group needs to send an e-mail saying they are in "so-and-so's" group and are confirming they are going.
We will try to be as fair as possible, with a first come first served type thing.
Once you have 6 people confirmed further instructions will be sent along to your group lead, and the slot will be yours.
Mod selection will be done after all 4 groups are confirmed, again with the first come first served theory in mind.
All communications regarding these mods should go here. Please make sure that everyone on your list of players sends an e-mail confirming that they are in your group. PMs, and mail not to the specificed address will not be valid.
New Website!
Febuary 12th, 2007
Website and chapter policies fully updated! The web site redesign is mostly complete (finally), and virtually anything you need to know to attend one of our games should be available. Pay pal links are up and working you can find them under event listings and the OOG links. If you can’t find what you need check out the forums under OOG and then Message boards. If you fine any problems here or there please let us know at
Want a bigger staff?
January 1st, 2007
We do! Our staff is filling out nicely, but there is still room for more. If you ever wanted to see what you could do to make NERO a better game come join us and find out. We wont bite... at least not very hard..
Event Dates Announced!
October 1st, 2006
Caldaria event dates are confirmed, 6 weekend events in 2007. Check the Events page for details.
Caldaria Re-opens!
September 1st, 2006
NERO - Greater Massachusetts has changed ownership and Caldaria will re-open in 2007. A full season of events is already in the works, and we look forward to seeing old friends and new faces at our first event in April.
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