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Royal Decree of Expansion, King Alexander Phedron I

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:04 am    Post subject: Royal Decree of Expansion, King Alexander Phedron I Reply with quote

The following is posted in every tavern, every in, and every public space in the Kingdom of Caldaria. Heralds announce this proclamation for weeks following the first postings. It is not possible to be in the Kingdom of Caldaria and not learn of this.

My fellow Caldarians, hear this, the words of your King Alexander Phedron.

For years our people have suffered war and death at the hand of the vile and evil Kurzinnor Empire. Thousands upon thousands of good and honest men and women have given up their homes, their lands, and their lives to keep back this tide. The Great Barrier has all but ended the war, and brought peace to our great Kingdom, yet even so, thousands of Caldarians have lost their homes. The lands of Vestria and Ordin lay within the grasp of our enemy, and their return may take generations.

Are we to accept this and tell these brave defenders that their homes are gone, and that there is nothing we can do? I would think not.

The lands north of the Caldarian Mountains, known collectively as "The Wildlands", are an untamed wilderness, much as Vestria and Ordin were during the years of their creation. The Volker inhabitants of these lands have, by all reports, left in search of their ancient homeland of legend. We can only wish them success, as all people deserve a chance to return home. With this in mind, I do what I must to restore homes to thousands of loyal and honorable Caldarian citizens.

I, King Alexander Phedron, King of Caldaria, hereby claim all lands north of the Caldarian Mountains and west of the Northern Mountain Expanse, in the name of the Kingdom of Caldaria. Any noble household of Baronial rank or higher may claim land in this expansion, provided they show they may adequately provide for the defense and safety of those who colonize these lands in their name.

The Veiled Forest and the Eletherial Forest are, of course, excluded from claim. The homelands of our allies shall always remain sovereign, as the lands of their people. Also in recognition of his people's efforts to tame this wild land in the north, I hereby elevate Lord Viscount Aurelius Carr to the rank of Baron, and name the House of Carr a Baronial House of this Kingdom. His lands in the North shall remain his holdings, henceforth to be knows as the Barony of Carr.

By this edict, I hope to restore lands and homes to those who so greatly deserve them. I hope to expand the good rule of our Kingdom to a land rife with problems.

By my hand I make this edict the law of the land.

King Alexander Phedron I
King of Caldaria

Bill Gibbs
Caldaria Fall Guy
Caldaria Rules Marshal
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