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News From Around the Kingdom

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:59 am    Post subject: News From Around the Kingdom Reply with quote

The following is news thats is reported in various written and verbal formats. Sometimes it is presented all at once, and other times just one of the key points is expressed. It is not difficult to obtain all of the news regardless of literacy. This is more than rumor, and is delivered as truthful reporting from the Kingdom

News from around the Kingdom.

From the Capital, Arcaldar: The Court of the Sun, the ruling body of the Veiled Forest has recalled their ambassador and closed their embassy here in the Caldarian capital city of Arcaldar. Ambassador Seng Da-fei released the following prepared statement on behalf of the Veiled Forest.

"Due to the recent events in the Caldarian province of Badril's Rest and the Kingdom of Caldaria's intent to expand its borders with no regard for the council of her allies, The Court of the Sun has chosen to end its centuries long close relationship with the Kingdom of Caldaria. It is the hope of the Twilight Elven people that King Alexander Phedron will reconsider his choices concerning the so called "Wildlands" as they pertain to Caldarian expansion. The Twilight Elven people feel for those who have lost their homes to the vile Kurzinor Empire, but we must protest this sudden and unprecedented claim of land. Such actions are unbecoming of such a Noble Kingdom, and in time we hope that the Kingdom makes the right choice so the great alliance between our people can be maintained."

The reaction of the Veiled Forest has sparked waves of anger from Caldarian citizens, particularly from veterans of the Second Kurzinor War. Many people have taken to the streets outside the Embassy shouting their disapproval of the Twilight Elves. Twice in the last three days since word of the Veiled Forest's decision was received the City Guard had to disperse crowds of angry onlookers and hecklers. Telmia Norlia, an Arkelian Elven baker whose family was dislocated from Delios almost thirty years ago, had this to say:

"The Second Kurzinor War lasted nearly three decades. In three decades how many legions of Twilight Elves came to our defense? How much did their great "friendship" mean to them to help their ally while nearly half the kingdom was lost to the Kurzinor? So now, all these years later, as the people who lost their homes and families to the Kurzinor hope to rebuild and make a new home for themselves, they (Twilight Elves) want to deny us? They have the gall to tell us they disapprove. Good. Let them. They can all go back to their high and mighty forest and leave Caldarian affairs to Caldarians."

In related news Legatus Dai Jin Wu has resigned his post, stating a need to return to his people. It is well known that many Twilight Elves, including the former Queen Narissa Demos, hear the call of their homeland and drop everything to return. News of the timing of the Legatus's resignation has many high Nobles questioning the validity of the claim. A replacement has not yet been named but a reliable source suspects that Legatus Bretok IceHammer of the Royal Military Academy may be called to fill the role.

Demos: After decades without a Ducal House being named to replace House Psychon as the Ducal House of Demos, the Royal Court has decided to name House Nykia as the new Ducal House of Demos. The House, which was once part of the Arkelian Royal House, was established as a Baronial House in 204 after the Great Immigration. The Royal Court has reported that House Nykia's efforts and dedication to the defense of the Kingdom both on land and at sea have been instrumental in planning for the defenses of Demos and the Kingdom as a whole. With this in mind, the elevation of House Nykia to Ducal House will allow them to continue to serve in this capacity with further recognition of their efforts to date. King Alexander Phedron has yet to state exactly who from House Nykia will be asked to serve as Duke or Duchess of Demos though it is highly unlikely to be anyone other than the current Barron of Nykia, Aumon Anhuris Barash-Ka Nykia. Assuming this is correct it will likely be Sir Ansari Nykia who takes up the title of Barron of Nykia.

Ordin: Lady Brea Desali has announced her desire to claim the title of Baroness for the now lost Barony of Desali. Lady Brea Desali is the rightful heir to House Desali and many in the House feel this move is long over due. As she was just an infant when her father was killed permanently in the final days of the second battle of Delios, House Desali has been lead by Regent Leo Connor. By her birthright she could have claimed this title as early as her 14th birthday however it would seem the young Lady Brea Desali did not wish to disrupt her House's war effort with a change in leadership. With the Second Kurzinnor War now over it would appear that Lady Brea will have little difficulty claiming the title which is rightfully hers.

Lady Brea Desali has stated great interest in the King's recent edict concerning the lands north of the Caldarian Mountains. A formal declaration to move House Desali to this frontier is expected within a few weeks. If this comes to pass, the first wave of troops and colonists could arrive north of the mountains by mid April.

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