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Wayfarer's Guild - The Job Board

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:29 pm    Post subject: Wayfarer's Guild - The Job Board Reply with quote

Wayfarer’s Guild: The Job Board

The Job Board is a place for PCs to find information, adventures to find during the gather, places to go in their downtime, and finally a way for Players to help build the story around them. The Job Board will always be in the Tavern or other centralized location in town, and it is maintained by The Wayfarer’s Guild or some other noble interest, who add notices from neighbors and abroad as well as missions that come from nobles, military, and commoners alike. Which means there is always work to be done!

There are four types of notices that get put on The Job Board. They are distinguished by the OOG instructions on the back of the notice. In general, all notices have IG plain text on the front and a number with OOG instructions on the back. If a notice is lost or damaged, come by npc camp and we will write up a copy. The notice types are:

General Notices: These are rumors and stories that have circulated around town that have been gathered for the town’s convenience. The source is always “anonymous” so it may be a veiled warning from a pack of goblins or whispers of dissent from a foreign kingdom. They have no instructions on the back. If a player wants to add a general notice to the job board before an event. Contact a noble rep onstage and let them know you added it so that plot staff can add it to our list of things up there.

Adventure Notices: There are things that only a group of adventures can handle. For these types of jobs, Notices go up with a request for aid or assistance. Not all adventures will need immediate action or with heavy attention to combat (see below), but these Adventure Notices often lead to danger and a problem that can be solved sometime during the gather. The OOG information on the back will inform you this is a module and give you a maximum number of recommended PCs to go on this mission. When a group is ready to go on their mission. Take the notice to NPC camp with your group and the group will receive further instructions from there.

Story Notices: Also referred informally as “Story Circles”, these notices represent an ongoing experiment in Alliance storytelling. These notice often involve assistance from adventurers in a less tactical capacity. From helping find a lost dog to caring for a sick child, these notices for help are the backdrop to giving players the ability to help create ongoing stories and support the game without interrupting the flow of game. Story Notices will have an OOG instruction to report to npc camp, but for the purpose of assisting Plot Staff with an encounter by NPCing a short time. After NPCing, plot staff will run the encounter on the notice offstage, and with player input to build a story appropriate to the actions of the PCs. PCs will also be paid a small token fee by the noble interest running the job board. Finally, Players will have the opportunity to write their own Story Notices to be put up on The Job Board. It is the intention of these notices to create an additional source of storytelling, created by players, that also helps contribute to a more positive culture of the game.

IBGA Notices: There are often notices that ask for adventurer assistance, but require either a large dedication of time or travelling significant distances (or both). These notices represent possible actions a player can take for an In Between Game Action. On the back of these notices, there is an OOG note that this is an IBGA and this adventure will take place after the end of the current event. The notices will have a recommended number of PCs, and often have a suggested skill set for those who participate.

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