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Character Histories!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:39 am    Post subject: Character Histories! Reply with quote

Everybody likes personal plot, and gosh golly, I even like writing personal plot for you! That being said, providing your character's history is a fantastic way to allow plot staff insight to your character and further cater our writing so you have more fun. Even if your character is housed in another chapter and you play here, we still want your character history!

So, in short:
- If you play here, we want your character history emailed to
- If you've always played here and you're not sure if we have your character history, send us your character history to just in case we don't.
- If your character has "grown up" and you would like to add additional points to your character's goals, or a recent history, etc, send us your updated history at (Please note: This isn't an offer to rewrite your character history. Reforming and revising are good, rewriting is not.)

Are you sensing the email trend here? Yeah!

If you haven't submitted a character history, here are a few pointers from JP that are immensely useful:


Some things I find helpful:

A list of dramatis personae, and why they are important to the character's history, even if they are discussed in greater detail in the actual history. This helps when digging for ways to connect the character history to other plotlines, as well as saving time when writing (not having to dig through to find a sibling's name).

For example (using Bob as the character):
Sue (Bob's stepmother, who he suspects is somehow wanted by the law)
Joe (Bob's late father, killed in the early days of the second Kurzinor War)
Frank (Bob's estranged brother, now missing)

A list of key words that have influenced and shaped your character's growth. This helps when searching through our archives for logical targets for encounters.

For example (again, Bob):
Farm/farmer/farming, Gambling. Fear of caves.

A short "how you see this character." In other words, if you envision this character as innocent do-gooder, a crusading destroyer of all things troll-ish, etc, say so! While plot writers often interact with your characters in a variety of roles, sometimes we don't see everything you'd expect that we would/should (especially the grey-black stuff you keep hidden). In order to tailor things to your character, we need to have the best grasp on "Who that character is" that we can.

A short "I enjoy playing Nero while playing this character because..." Like the last, we aren't mind readers and don't know your character as well as you do. We might also attribute traits of you as the player (or other characters you play) to this character, and in doing so, wrongly decide what type of encounters to provide. For example, if, while playing your nerdy elf, your primary enjoyment comes from puzzles, intrigue, and philosphy, we might wrongly write those type of encounters for your dwarven thug. Nothing sucks more than "man, I'd love to do X, Y, and Z, but this character would never get involved in that."

If you've got them, stated goals are a wonderful thing, both In-Character goals (Bob wants to kill Kurzinor to avenge his father), and OOG for the character (I'd like to try the noble path, but having never interacted much with the nobility, Bob doesn't know enough to think about it). If we know what you're working towards, it can help us either move things in that direction or throw dramatic obstacles in the way.

So, with that being said -- please email your character histories to

- Kelsey, Caldaria Plot Flunkie

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