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From Lord Carr

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:46 pm    Post subject: From Lord Carr Reply with quote

To all in the lands of House Carr,

Later this summer, the people of Badrilís Rest will be honored to witness the marriage of Evie Poldo-Naiobi to Gebous Phinaes Marix, of our own Royal Arcanum. We are proud to wish the couple a happy and prosperous joining.

Several weeks back I received a letter from the bride-to-be asking that I grant permission to allow the banished individual Air Raska to attend her wedding, as she considers this man to be family. Not long after I received a second request to grant this gift to the wedding party from Order of the Golden Flame Squire Heresy Northwind, who has personally vouched to ensure that Air Raska will maintain his behavior should I grant his return. Both parties await my decision to their requests.

I am not in the habit of publically discussing or justifying my thought process related to the decisions I make in the name of the Crown or House Carr. In the end, I lead these lands not by popular consensus, but by the will of my father and His Majesty. In all things I strive to protect and honor the people of Caldaria and to foster a community of prosperity and order in my familial lands. Yet, I choose here to fully disclose my thoughts so that they might serve to both quell any rumors and act as a teaching opportunity for those seeking to some day be in a position of leadership and forced into making such decisions themselves.

How I choose to rule on this decision has implications that ripple throughout the adventuring community, upon whose shoulders much of our survival has depended over these past years.

I am faced with the truth that Air Raksa, an adventurer of great renown, has deeply personal ties to so many who form the fabric of our community. He has fought and bled for the people of Caldaria innumerable times. Some of our best and most skilled citizens consider him family, including my own squire who has oft spoken on his behalf.

I am faced equally with the truth that this man has committed a number of crimes against the people of Caldaria for which he was repeatedly warned, fined, and ultimately banished from these lands; crimes for which I would have felt entirely justified in sentencing his execution had the Order of Light not expressed a desire to avoid his death. The fact that his own companions have resorted to physically restraining the man by cutting him down repeatedly in order to maintain the safety of the community is evidence enough of the danger he posed to the people of Caldaria.

The answer to resolving this conflict of truths, and to answer the requests of our citizens comes to me when carefully considering my own words on the day he was banished. I stated that the banishment would stand until such a time that I could be convinced he no longer poses a threat to the people of Caldaria.

Unless I choose to hold my own words as hollow, I must stand then on the idea that there could be such a time where Air Raksa has proven himself to be reformed in his ways and able to be a law-abiding member of our community. If I do not grant the opportunity to be convinced, then effectively my earlier proclamation becomes a lie. If I do not allow for redemption, none will seek it. There are other citizens of this land that come to mind whom the nobility of Caldaria have meted out justice to in the past, who have risen above past failings to become invaluable members of this community.

Thus it is in the sprit of hope for the future, without ignoring the past, that I make the following proclamation:

Air Raksa is hereby granted permission to travel, without consequence of law, into the lands of House Carr on the prearranged date of the wedding between Goodwoman Poldo-Naiobi and Mage Gebous Phinaes Marix; with the following restrictions:

He is to arrive no earlier than one hour prior to the scheduled event, via the Flux Tempris, and immediately report to Squire Hersey Northwind at a prearranged location. He is at no time to leave the immediate vicinity of Squire Heresy throughout this time in our lands. He is to leave Caldaria via the Flux Tempris no later than one hour after the wedding ceremony has completed.

While in the lands of House Carr he is to carry no weapons, be they martial, alchemical, magical, or otherwise. Spirit linked weapons are to remain peace bonded at all times. He is to be prohibited from possessing any enchanted items that can be removed from his person. At no time is he to channel magical aura.

At no time will he be allowed to participate in events of the Tournament to be held during the weekend of the planned Forum.

I fully expect not to be tested in my resolve that these conditions be met will full compliance.

This is an opportunity to begin a process to reconsider whether Air Raksa can be considered amongst those welcomed in our Kingdom. Ultimately the success or failure of the opportunity is his to choose.

Individuals directly affected by this decision may seek me out in private to discuss the matter further should that be required. I will comment no further in public as to this decision.

Thus is my will.

In service to His Majesty,

Sir Lord Antonin Carr

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