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A Letter To The Black Forest

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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:14 pm    Post subject: A Letter To The Black Forest Reply with quote


A while ago some of my family have contacted Eldarion about a ritual scroll that your team was selling. He stated that "The Phalanx is not interested in trading with Black Forest at this time. Perhaps if your group stopped threatening to kill Michiko we'd consider it. I am sorry we cannot do business" as well as "Now are you speaking to me as an individual or as a member of Black Forest? Because I can tell you right now that the Phalanx is not interested in dealing with Black Forest. I don't know if you have been present at some of the recent Caldaria gatherings, but those of the Black Forest who have been present have been openly declaring their intention to kill Sun Li Yin (formerly Michiko). We simply won't deal Black Forest at this time.

We then told you, "We need Michiko alive to clear our names. Black Forest may now be her greatest defenders despite (because) of her lies that may well get us executed. To which you replied, "You have given me some additional perspective on this circumstances and occurrences that I had not considered. It is most certainly true that her death would be quite damning."

So just when I thought we made it clear that we do not wish Mitchiko's death. Apparently your team doesn't understand this. We received this letter just a few short days after the unfortunate happenings in Moria.

"Re: regarding Delalder

Sent: Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:33 pm
From: Dreamingfurther
To: Gilwing

Firstly I need to ask you that this conversation only goes between us. I can tell you that I won't even be talking to Riddick about some of the things we say.

I am going to be assembling a list of every adventurer who was present at the last gathering in Moria. If you can tell me who on Black Forest was there it would be a big help (list of names). I don't know if you can help me regarding uncovering Delaldur's murderer, however I'd like to make sure I can set aside any worry that it was one of your boys. And let me say I don't think you guys would rez Delaldur, whatever differences you have with other folks on his/my team, but I hope you can understand I need to check every detail.

I know he was murdered the first night of the gather, in the midst of a town fight. I have reason to believe that whoever it was left the gather before the last morning. (Gone before Sunday.) While I hold some small interest in recovering the treasures he had with him I am far more interested in revenge and learning who did this. If you can tell me what you know of the deeds of those who you know were there that would be of great help. If you hear about anyone looking for Transfer sets, that would be equally of help.

What I say now is only for you. I understand you have a strong desire for one particular female elf on my team to die. I don't have a whole lot of care for her myself and its possible we could talk about that in return for 'aid'.

It's also possible that we should continue these talks off of written or 'dreamed' messages. If so we can certainly do that possibly in the spring or in some other manner this winter.

- Eldarion "

After careful discussion we have decided to make this public, as we feel if anything should happen over the winter months when the majority of the adventuring populace does not gather, we do not wish to be possibly connected to any "conspiracy to commit murder" seven years later as we fully reject any and all offers in this missive.


"I officially name you, Adept of Jackasser
~John T.F."
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Air Raksa

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Take the time to think about the kind of people it would take to actually kill one of their own. Even to threaten it is beyond disgusting, it go' against everything the Arkelian Code dictate'. For what!?

Take the time to think of what kind of ignorance and lack of leadership and experience it would take to send this message. These people are in charge of every element of the Caldarian community. The nobility, the Legion, both guild'... Yet it all come' back to greed... alway' treasure at every and any expense.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


I humbly request that you cease the endless and meaningless slander of my team.

To all and singular that this may present,

Do not believe every word that you read. This is bad comedy.


I'm so good... I win games Im not even playing.
- Teh Puppetmaster
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Air Raksa

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 94
Location: New York

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Riddick; take your humble request and shove it. It took your team a day and that was your attempt at damage control? Have you recovered from your rage now and they are letting you speak? I thought Eldarion was in charge? Oh right… he disgraced you.

I think that this is funny. I’m sure my nephew doesn’t think that threat’ against his mother is funny. I’m sure the His Majesty doesn’t think this is funny. Let’ see who is laughing at the end, shall we?

A LOT of people have been privately asking me lately; “Santet, what the heck do you have against the Phalanx? What did they do?”. In interest of seeing an end to these kind' of private message’ I have decided to just issue this statement.

That is not a question that has any short or simple answer, In fact I left with more question’ then answer’. The fact is that it wasn’t alway’ the way it is now.

When I was still very young, The Phalanx made it’ start in Lindall (Barony of Stephanos, Kingdom of Caldaria). They were inexperienced but never disorganized. Like all young adventurer’ they spent most of their time killing goblin’ and rat’ and hiding in their ward’ from some of the most terrifying creature’ that roamed those land’. They didn’t have much to offer at the time, but still I would regularly cast life spell’ on them and parry for them when the Gnoll-heart-eater’ got angry.

In fact I still have letter’ from them thanking me for giving a crap about their worthless hide’. I remember when Jin Mei cried because she thought that Riddick was going to die (because no one would life him). Back then I was her hero, which felt good I’m not going to lie. Paolo would rap with me about anything, Xith cooked me bacon cheese burger’ for free and Gareth would try to convince me to join the Caldarian Military (I eventually did, but it was short-lived).

Back then the Phalanx also had enemy’. This one guy named Drake was an ex-slave from Kurzinnor who rolled with Gormegil and the Azure Fog got turned into a Vampire after he betrayed the entire town. Drake killed Riddick, there was no hope, his team had to retreat and none of the noble’ wanted to mount another assault because of the casualty'.

I went up there alone. I got Riddick back. He wasn’t on my team, he had nothing I wanted. I owed him nothing. It was just wrong. I am not going to pretend that I am some good guy, I have done thing’ that would make other Sastrawan cannibal’ cringe. Still Drake was a traitor and I wasn’t going to let him enjoy that satisfaction. All Drake wanted was to kill Riddick.

I was there when Drake met his end, I gave him nostril’ all over his torso. Then he was staked and screamed like a pup. I have spent more than an eighth of my life as undead, still I have no pity for that guy.

When people were mad at Riddick and his team, my door was alway’ open. When they needed something; it was their’. When they wanted advice about what skill’ to learn; I was on it. When they needed to talk; I listened. I even felt bad about having to beat up Jin Mei during tournament, that kind of stuff used to bother me.

I never really agreed with the way Riddick ran his team and I never really understood why they put up with it. When Kaia left, after Xith died; Riddick gave her nothing. He threw out one of the finest warrior-women in Fortannis like garbage. That never sat right with me, but I didn’t dwell on it.

Somewhere along the line, Riddick started thinking it was funny to taunt monster’ from the “safety” of his ward. It was his own funny strategy, that later developed into something of a team policy when real danger came. People started calling him a “Big Mouth” and he wore it like a badge of honor. It feel’ like a lifetime ago, honestly I think that is how “his identity” was formed. Pretty soon he was getting into screaming match’ with Varen and being way more vocal at forum.

I am not trying to sell any story of not needing help myself. I had Kostantinos looking after me, and Snakehead Man gave a damn, my buddy Zymm taught me to dodge attack’ and Symmerille showed me how to embarrass a foe or two. Star would die for me and Gormegil… well I really miss that guy because he stood up for all the tusky’ folk.

I’ve been on four great team’ and I never wanted for a damn thing. I understand that it can be hard, coming up in this cruel world. When you finally establish yourself, you then have to maintain your reputation constantly and it is harder if you travel a lot.

Not long ago the Phalanx started failing in this regard. Not only in my eye’, but pretty much everywhere and in all aspect’. Nowaday’ people just call them “The Fail”, I think mostly because of their attitude in general more than their lack of accomplishment’.

No team in Fortannis has escaped criminal prosecution more than them. No team in Fortannis has contributed to more adventurer’ dying than them. No team in Fortannis is as undeserving of their title’ as them.

They say “Don’t call people Necromancer’, that has to stop!”; then they go to Icenia and hatch a lie against one of their former lover’ (father of their child). A lot of them are Twilight Elf’, who are supposed to hate Necromancy; but they can use necromantic item’ and have a SELF-ADMITTED necromancer’ on their team. It is hypocritical to say you hate something and then use it, when I was an Elf (briefly) I would have rather died than be associated with necromancer’ (especially an elven one’). Somehow the Phalanx isn’t really Elf’, and I am not even talking about the one’ who really aren’t Elf.

I start thinking about this and all I get is question’ that I am honestly scared to know the real answer to.

How can a child who prided themself’ on being crazy and NOTHING would work to restore them, suddenly not be crazy and still be taken seriously?
What kind of person would dishonor their own child, just to get back at a lover who jilted them?
What kind of person like that would expect other Twilight Elf’ to want to be around them?
What kind of person like that expect’ to be taken seriously be other Order’ of Undead Hunter’?
How can a person who is Shadow Possessed walk out of a ward full their own sleeping team-mate’ to specifically kill a person who is on a team that has been verbal against them?
How can a person who is in the process of being killing-blowed disappear, only to appear later completely unscathed?
How can a person who wasn’t at a place, claim to know exactly what happened there, when no one else who was there does?
How can a person claim to have been a party to necromancy, but conveniently forget two other people(who they didn’t want to get in trouble) who were right there?
How can a person get offended for being called a whore, when they use that same word to describe other people?
How can a person suddenly forget doing that at all, when there a dozen witness’ to it?
How can a person taunt an adventurer (again from the safety of a ward) for being turned into an undead, and then later remember that they are necromancer themself’?
How can a person get somebody in trouble for throwing death spell’ at them, and then do it themselves’ against a Knight and get away with it?
What kind of person offer’ a reward to get their stuff back, when no one even know’ what happened to their permanently dead friend?
What kind of Knight refuse’ a challenge against their honor in front of the whole forum?
What kind of Knight cry’ in front of a Paladin when he is being questioned for committing crime’.
What kind of Knight step’ over a dead squire to loot that squire’ kill right in front of everybody?
What kind of person say’ “Don’t go anywhere with the Town Guard, unless you want to resurrect”? The TOWN GUARD!!!!
What kind of person blame’ House Nemesis for their entire team dying on a battlefield full of KILLER EXTRA-PLANAR BUG’!!!
What kind of person with poor night vision walk around by himself at night holding their team magic sword and wand?
How can one person who is accused of Necromancy in another land get kicked out of “the order of Light”, and another who has committed TWO WAR CRIME’ in another land stay as an honored member? How can a person threaten to kill his own team mate and still be trusted to identify your magic item’? How can a person threaten to kill his own team mate and still be trusted to walk around in a Golem? How can these people belong to Elite Legion’ in both Caldaria and the Deadland’ and not bring complete dishonor to these Royal institution’?
How can an entire team have to be escorted to bed by a Paladin at night?
How can an entire team not know or care what it’ member’ do and then get upset when they are called out on being cowardly, lying, necromantic criminal’?

While I am left with a lot of interesting question’; I have learned some thing’.

The Phalanx solution to danger: hide in your ward
The Phalanx solution to criticism: cry
The Phalanx solution to family death: insert foot in mouth, claim to have a breakdown
The Phalanx solution to being challenged: lie
The Phalanx solution to rival’: lie, get a magistrate to execute them
The Phalanx solution to win Tournament’: cheat
The Phalanx solution to getting treasure: do ANYTHING (ask them to see their treasury)
The Phalanx solution to rough time’: cry and threaten to run away never to return

And apparently…
The Phalanx solution to being caught red-handed: say “This is Bad Comedy”

How does all this effect me?

My twin brother was accused of Necromancy. If he return’ to Icenia, he will be obliterated. When he and Michiko split up it wasn’t pretty but he didn’t deserve that.

My nephew is completely dishonored. I bet he thought he could count on his Twilight Elven mother not to be a Necromancer. I bet he thought that her Twilight Elf team wouldn’t be offering to kill her for treasure.

I have been executed for showing mercy to a Paladin who challenged me to honor combat for calling Michiko a whore. Michiko called my life-mate a whore to her face, many time; I forgave her because she is actually a crazy elven child who shouldn’t be outside the magical cookie and toy forest.

I have been fined for cutting down the Ferret, Big Mouth and for swinging on Sir Thief the Liar. I have been banished from Caldaria for cutting down Jin Mei, even after her team contributed to three of my team member’ being enslaved, forced to cast necromancy and then dying. While I had to sit there by order of a Paladin and watch Theodin cry like a pup: my people were being butchered.

I lost my title and land’ in Arandin, because where I am from; noble’ are expected to act accordingly. Mutilating citizen race’ while their team watch’ out of anger doesn’t fly with her Majesty.

I have been harassed by Phalanx member’ who think I give a crap about their lost stuff.

I short I have been completely betrayed by a team who regularly ignore’ battlefield order’, lie’, cheat’, steal’ and try’ to kill my friend. I cannot help it, I am pretty pissed. If it wasn’t for me Riddick wouldn’t even be here, so I guess this is all my own damn fault.

Most importantly I have been severely alienated from Gareth, who I loved like a brother; who I would die for without question.

The Arkelian Hunt has nothing to do with this statement, nor do my opinion’ reflect what they feel. They are all capable of speaking for themself’ or just ignoring this whole ugly mess.

I am going to relearn to read. I am going to memorize the law. I am going to catch you. I will be right there to expose you EVERY time. We are well past the point where any of this can ever be made right. You want to dictate who can travel where? Two can play that game. There will be no shelter for you. I promise you that they will invent law’ to try and stop me, but it won’t work. The only thing that fear’ you is the floor-board’ in your cabin.


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