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Call to War from the High Cheif of the Bear

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:25 am    Post subject: Call to War from the High Cheif of the Bear Reply with quote

OOG: The following is posted in every taven across the lands of Caldaria and the lands of House Carr. From time to time Barbarians in heavy furs come and go shouting the words to crowds of gathered people. Regardless of if you can read or not, the message can be seen and heard far and wide.

All all my fellow brothers and sisters of the tribes, hear me now. For tens of generations we have been divided by blood, by tribe and by tradition. We have suffered at the hands of lizards and been shunned by the Ghost Elves in their precious forest. We have fought amongst ourselves for land and for honor. We have had men of the southern king move into our lands. We have been a people divided.

No more. No more can we meet every few seasons by the fire to talk of unity only to go back to our tribes and live apart. From the horse plains of the open wilds to the great islands of the Serand we have spread out across this land. We have allowed time to separate us. We have let the comfortable weakness of "civilization" take from us our strength. Generations of Volker grow hearing of the glory of times long past, yet who among us can say he is a Volker of legend? I tell you brothers and sisters we have become complacent in a world which no longer knows the honor and might of the Volker people. We will remind them. We will make them understand.

More then tradition, more then tales of old; we will take back what is ours. All in the north have seen the sign. The greatest evil to befall the Volker has returned. The Shadow Dragon has flown over the lands of the tribes to the North and the East. It taunts us. It drove us from our great Kingdom, and now seeks to cower us in fear under its shadow as it passes to OUR home.

The time has come my brothers and sisters. Time to return to our lost home. Time to take that which is ours by blood and by honor. It is time we returned our people to glory. Time to show this world that we are Volker, and we are a people united. We are a people to be feared and honored.

Brothers and sisters, we go into this battle with the blessings of our ancestors. The greatest champions of the Volker walk with us. This we know, for returned to us is the greatest weapon of our people. The weapon of legend, The Sun Scion, has been claimed by Volker hands. Long lost to the ages, The Sun Scion is the weapon of our greatest heroes. It is the weapon destined to kill the Dragon of Shadow for all time. It is the symbol that our ancestors demand we live up to their names.

Sisters, brothers, let us stand as one! Let us march on our long last home of Erberoth. Let us do battle with this dragon until Erberoth runs red with our blood and the blood of any who would dare to stand in our way. We will claim the Kingdom that is ours. We will rebuild Erberoth and the bones of our enemies will serve as the foundation of our return to Glory.

I await every Volker who will answer this call. This will be the time of our rebirth. This will be the time in which true legends are made. We will have Glory. We will have Vengeance. We will return Home.

To Erberoth my brothers and sisters. Our destiny awaits in the North and East.

High Chief Hrothgar Feuerbart, High Chief of the Bear Tribes. Wielder of Sun Scion.

Bill Gibbs
Caldaria Fall Guy
Caldaria Rules Marshal
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