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Official Statement From House Desali

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:16 am    Post subject: Official Statement From House Desali Reply with quote

The following is posted all through the Kingdom of Caldaria with particular frequency in areas north of the Caldaria Mountains.

To good and loyal people of Caldaria,

For decades the House of Desali has fought to hold the line against the Kurzinnor Empire. Good men and women have traded not only their homes, their crafts, but also their very lives waging war against this horrible foe. Their valor and dedication to our fair Kingdom can not be understated. The Great Barrier ensures our protection from a renewed Kurzinnor threat but for most of these brave defenders their homes and their livelihoods remain on the far side of the Barrier.

His Majesty has extended to every House the opportunity to make a home for their people in the wild untamed North. House Carr has long been a trailblazer, forging ahead and securing the first expansion of the kingdom in nearly a century. Yet they have had to stand alone against not just the dangers of the wilds, but of creatures of great power from other worlds. Today I declare that this ends.

By my hand as Baroness of Desali and Matriarch of House Desali I herby claim land north of the Duchy of Demos between the Veiled and Eletherial Forests extending east toward the Barony of Carr along the northern slopes of the Caldarian Mountains. We shall aid House Carr in claiming the North for Caldaria and bring order and peace to this region as we did in times past to the south. All able bodied men and women of House Desali willing to make this transition shall be granted exemption from taxation for the first year of service in the North. In addition, all members of the Desali Baronial Army, or members of the Royal Army in a Desali Baronial Regiment are hereby ordered to report for immediate deployment to act as a vanguard for the civilian populous to follow this summer.

We shall forge a new home for the brave defenders of our Kingdom. We shall make the North a place we can raise our sons and daughters in peace. Through this last sacrifice we shall again have a place to call home.

By my hand I make this so,
Baroness Brea Desali
Baroness of Desali
Matriarch of House Desali[/i]

Bill Gibbs
Caldaria Fall Guy
Caldaria Rules Marshal
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