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Wanted Poster: Alyssa Darksnow

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:56 pm    Post subject: Wanted Poster: Alyssa Darksnow Reply with quote

The following is posted in many public places all around the lands of House Carr, House Desali, and House Lyrax. It includes a fairly acurate artist rendition of Alyssa Darksnow's face.

WANTED: ALIVE 20 Gold Crowns
Alyssa Darksnow
Crimes: Kidnapping and Treason
Race: Elven
Sex: Female
Height: Aprox 5' 5"

Usually seen wearing the burgundy colors of the Arkelian Hunt.
Known Associates: Arkelian Hunt, Order of Light (Badril's Rest Branch),
Tetsu (Husband), Order of the Scarlet Dawn: House Nemesis

Alyssa Darksnow is hereby wanted by the Kingdom of Caldaria for the crimes of Treason and Kidnapping. She is to be brought to the rightful Nobility of Caldaria ALIVE to answer for her actions.

Alyssa Darksnow is to be considered ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. She is known to be able to cast Earth Magic at its highest levels and is reported to be a skilled archer. If seen, Alyssa Darksnow should not be engaged by common citizenry, and any sightings of her whereabouts should be immediately reported to the Town Guard, the Army, and the local Nobility, whichever is closer.

Alyssa Darksnow has until the first of September to turn herself over to the Caldarian Nobility to face these crimes, or send word that she is attempting to. In the event that Alyssa Darksnow fails to turn herself in, let it be known that she will be judged in absentia and found guilty based on the evidence at hand.

(Signed): The Office of the Magistrate, House Carr

Bill Gibbs
Caldaria Fall Guy
Caldaria Rules Marshal
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