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Order of the Golden Flame Report: May 512

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:23 pm    Post subject: Order of the Golden Flame Report: May 512 Reply with quote

The following bears the seal of the Order of the Golden Flame and is posted on the tavern wall in Badril's Rest.

To the people of Badril's Rest, House Carr, House Desali, and House Lyrax:

We, The Order of the Golden Flame, have received reports regarding the events of May 25, 512 to May 27, 512 concerning the actions of Baroness Brea Desali. Below are the results of the preliminary inquiry performed by The Order of the Golden Flame.

The facts as they are understood:

Baroness Brea Desali entered into negotiations regarding land claimed by House Desali with the Veiled Forest. Those negotiations concluded with a preliminary agreement with Ambassador Seng-Da Fei on May 26, 512. Later that night mercenary forces including adventurers attacked suspected monster camps as part of military action to eliminate the threat known as the Wildlands Alliance. Although the adventurer population claims to have averted any citizen race casualties (High Ogres) the other mercenary forces did not exercise the same caution.

The resulting casualties were discovered by South Wind forces in the vicinity. With the recommendation of the Court of the Sun, unknowing of the earlier agreement, an attack on House Desali's 2nd Combat Medic Company was authorized and carried out. To investigate, Baroness Brea Desali ordered the immediate capture of the Commander who ordered the attacks by whatever means necessary to facilitate the swift understanding of what had transpired. It was his capture which filled in the previous information.

The following day, May 27, 512 Baroness Desali ordered the execution of the Commander. This order was resisted by members of the local adventuring community but eventually was carried out resulting in the permanent death of the Commander. This further resulted in an attack on the town of Badril's Rest by South Wind forces which ended with the withdrawal of the Sound Wind forces.

We have reviewed the situation and found the following:
Baroness Brea Desali acted in accordance to her station. In the absence of both the Baron of House Carr Aurelius Carr and the Lord Regent of House Carr Antonin Carr, Baroness Brea Desali was the highest ranking Caldarian Noble available and therefore within her right to exercise Caldarian Law against a perceived threat. Further, Baroness Brea Desali was fully within her right to bestow a sentence of Death for the crimes committed against her House. As per Caldarian Law, a sentence of Death is only fulfilled by the resurrection of the guilty party. As the Commander confessed to ordering the attack which resulted in fifteen permeant deaths, a punishment of Death was the only legal minimum punishment. The sequence of events leading to this were tragic and the potential consequences are indeed dire, but that does not change the fact that a major crime, tantamount to a declaration of war, was committed against House Desali and justice for that crime was the responsibility and right of Baroness Brea Desali.

The use of a Sacrifice Ritual does not fulfill the sentence by Caldarian Law. Both the caster and recipient can and should be charged with conspiracy and contempt. It is the Order's understanding that one man has taken responsibility and has been punished in accordance with the law of the land. Any charges or leniency against the sacrificed individual are the purview and choice of the Nobility beholden to House Carr.
In closing this situation was regrettable and undesired by all. Baroness Desali acted in strict accordance to Caldarian Law. The choice to forgo any delays in the Commander's punishment was hers to make as a Baroness of Caldaria and ruler of a major Noble House. The common citizenry would be wise to remember that although a choice may not be ideal or desired, it is the duty of Caldarian Nobility to uphold the laws of this land and the orders of their King. Common citizens may bring up their concerns about these hard situations at Forum in a respectful manner or to the Order of the Golden Flame, but they may not take actions against the rightful Nobility of Caldaria nor may they willfully disregard the orders of Nobility without consequence. Hopefully moving forward such situations which force the Nobility's hand will be avoided.

This matter will continue to be reviewed by The Order of the Golden Flame.
(Signed) The Order of the Golden Flame

Bill Gibbs
Caldaria Fall Guy
Caldaria Rules Marshal
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